Gameplay options: Turn command features on/off

I guess there’s more ways to make the actual gameplay work much closer to KI classics. So i came here to ask the developers to give us more options just like what happened in KI2 where it was possible to turn grabs/throwing on/off. Also, here’s some other features i think that can be optional in this game such as:

  • air combo breaker
  • counter breaker
  • shadow counter
  • ultra finisher (after an ultra combo)

And some miscellaneous as blood level from 0 to 5. I believe it would increase the off-line gameplay experience. Especially for old KI players.

Only has a seperate mode.

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I agree.

The option to turn them on/off will leave you at a disadvantage since not many of us will likely have these options on.

Granted I think the idea of amking another mode with these kinds of features would be a really bad waste of resources.

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yesssss! retro mode. yesssss.