Game won't start (not responding) on Windows 10

As the tittle says, the game won’t start on my Windows 10 64 bit. I’ve updated the newest graphics drivers and Windows updates, but nothing seems to help. When I start the game, I get a white window at the center of my screen with the words Killer Instinct on the upper left corner. But after a few seconds it tags the words “not responding” after it and just stays there - with nothing happening, no matter how long I wait. I even left it on for thirty minutes and it was still there.

I did go to into “_CommonRedist” folder and tried reinstalling the Directx library (as administrator) and the VCredist 2015, which refused to install due to the fact that I already had a newer one installed. Also, there seems to be quite a few people in the Steam discussion forum who are having this same problem.

Did you manage to make it work?

It still isnt working for me!!