Game says I need to download Definitive Edition again for 2nd XBox user?

Hi everyone,

So I purchased Killer Instinct Definitive Edition for my kids this Christmas. My profile is the default profile on the Xbox One and I was able to install the game successfully on my profile. When my boy (9 y/o) signs in under his name on the Xbox the game says its been downloaded but not installed and gives the option to install. When we go to install it takes us to the windows store to buy the game again. Is this supposed to happen or is there some option I haven’t found yet that prevents him from playing the game?



Well is your account also on the x-box? cause I know my brother and I both have our accounts on one and we can both play KI on there without a problem.

Did you set the console as your home Xbox? Do you share your Gold subscription across same-console profiles? If you can answer yes to both of these questions then everything should be right as rain.

Quick question: is the Xbox you’re using the one you have designated as your “home” Xbox?
Doing so should allow anyone to play any game installed on your profile on that Xbox.

The Xbox is set as home. The other users can play killer instinct but they cannot seem to access the additional content that comes with the definitive edition.

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Have you tried maybe just signing in the second profile, then installing from the disc with the main profile not signed in? you should check you have gold sharing enabled, i think that helps with tied content like that. if you bought the game from the store in the 1st place rather than a disc the best you can do is enable gold sharing. failing that call MS and just be like, bought the game but second account cant use half the content on local play blah blah, they might be able to help you.

Thanks. So i did not purchase an Xbox gold subscription. Is that required for all users to share games and apps?

I believe so yes, otherwise everyone could use one account for a bunch of people and only buy one copy of games and MS would make no monoey

(Sorry for digging up an old thread)

I’m having this same problem, we’ve just returned to KI since my kids found out Kilgore, Shin Hisako and Eagle are available to Definitive Edition owners. All of the Definitive edition content is available to my profile and as long as it is the one the game is started on.

For all other profiles, if the game is started under their profile they cannot access specifically these 3 characters. All others are accessible. These 3 are faded out and selecting them redirects to the store to purchase them. Even if I sign in after the game was started by one of the other profiles, these 3 characters are still unavailable and if I try to select them (as player 2), a message pops up stating that only player 1 can purchase content.

I have an active Live membership and the console is set as my home unit and I have never logged onto another Xbox One console.

So currently the only work-around for my other family members is to launch the game using my profile but they ultimate want to play using their own as they do with all other games.

No issues with any Games with Gold or EA Access titles or DLC. Seems only to be an issue with KI Definitive and more specfically these 3 DLC characters.

Anyone else having this same issue?

Can’t say this is something I’ve dealt with specifically, but if the things above don’t work I’d try the following:

Go into Games and Apps, select KI and Manage it. Make sure the characters are all installed, because I’ve seen times when I was unable to select a specific character and needed to install/reinstall them.

If that doesn’t work, I’d also recommend trying to re-download your profile from XBL, in case there’s something strange going on with permissions or something.

No guarantees, but these should be relatively quick fix attempts.

Thanks xSkeletalx! I’ll take a look at the game management and also try re-downloading the profile.

I had this problem when I bought a new xbox a year ago and gave my son my old Xbox. Here is what you do. You set your sons Xbox as the HOME xbox with your profile and his profile. Then use your Xbox as the main one you use and purchase through. So whatever you purchase digitally on your XBox will go directly to the HOME xbox (your sons) as well for free.
Thats what I do and I dont have any issues…sometimes I do have to go into his and manage content and download it but otherwise no issues.

We only have the one console and I know it is set as home for sure. I’ll be looking at the manage content tonight and hopefully will fix it, as well as double checking the home setting for his profile.

If you have only one console then it shouldn’t be a problem? DO you have Home sharing set to ON in the security preferences? Maybe something in there is turned off?

If manage content doesn’t work then it has to be something to do with sharing Gold or security settings. There is no reason why something should be available on your profile and not your 2nd profile on the same xbox.

@xxCbibixx I’m curious, did you have any luck?

Ended up not having time to take a look last night but will try tonight.

xSkeletalx and FallofSeraphs76, thanks for tip to manage the game. Turns out the 3 characters and all of the gold packs were just sitting in “Ready To Install”.

Downloaded and all good now. Odd how I could use them all even though they were showing in that state though. But anyways, thanks again for your help. Made my boys happy campers tonight.


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YAY! Glad it worked out for you! This happens a lot in games that have tons of little DLC files. Especially on Injustice 2 and MKX. Many times have i started up those games and DLC characters were grayed and needed to be reinstalled in game management.

Glad this worked for you, I suspected it might.

My understanding on this is that it is actually similar to the “home console or not” situation. Your profile, as the owner, has access to all of the KI content. So whether the “key” for that content (the installed/uninstalled characters) is installed or not, your profile is able to access those characters. While the keys are NOT installed, other profiles can’t access them because non-owner profiles are only able to share/access what is installed on the system. I’m pretty sure your own profile would have the exact same issues accessing those characters if you were to be disconnected from the internet, for example.

Now, I may certainly be wrong, but from issues like this in the past (and my own experiences) this seems to be how it works.