Game Progress got reset entirely

I got this serious problem on Windows 10 Version.

My game got reset to 4/1 entirely, included account level, character level, shadowlab’s shadow data.
It was only ranked and shadowlab progress. (reset everytime I restart game)
but now it just rollback into 10 days ago…even achievement in XBOX app are gone.

Another problem I got now is input command(keyboard) has sort of delay that made me cannot play totally. (and it didn’t happen few days ago)
You know this game is great I don’t really care about the rollback I can just play again, but input delay made me have to close game…


Did you log in and update to S3 on you’re Xbox One BEFORE installing it on PC?

There was a warning buried somewhere on this forum that was really hard to find, but it basically said you would loose everything if you did not launch on Xbox One before launching on PC. Probably would’ve been nice to have that warning appear during the install.

@KrizmKazm That’s not the case because I have never played KI on XBOX One (I don’t have a xbox one either, I got only xbox 360)

The PC version does. Its supposed to come with at least 2 warning screens asking if you want to create a new save file or something.