Game Pass Definitive Edition - No Characters Unlocked (PC)

As the title states, I just bought the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate (includes Game Pass for PC/Xbox and Xbox LIVE) and installed KI Definitive Edition on PC.

Booting up KI works just fine, but whether I attempt on or offline I only have access to Shadow Jago and the weekly free character (currently Shin Hisako)

If I go to the in-game store, it appears that I don’t have the Definitive Edition, but the link there redirects me to the Microsoft store, where the Definitive Edition is already installed.

I’ve looked around, and while there are a million threads here or on reddit regarding this issue, I haven’t found much save for something from 2017 saying that it should have been fixed (but obviously isn’t)

If there is a solution I’m unaware of I’d appreciate it. I’ve already attempted reinstalling the game, and if I log out of my Microsoft account before booting up KI it just stalls at the “syncing to Ultratech servers” step.

Same issue here. I can only use the free character (currently Cinder). It’s a shame because I really wanted to learn KI. Hope that we have an answer soon.