Game pad needs to vibrate/rumble!

I would love it if there is a on/off option to have game pad rumble/vibration just like MKX!

I hope IG include this superb feature for season 3!


Nonstop vibrating when getting hit by combos/doing combos? YEAH.

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I have to second this. Not just for the rumble feature, but the freakin’ TE2 joystick has “haptic” feedback that turns the rumble into lights flashing and this has NEVER BEEN USED. It’s been two years. Come on, I need to see my joystick flashing like a beast at least once!

There’s different ways they could handle this so that it isn’t a non-stop rumble fest. Like using the rumble for enders, or shadow moves. Actually, if they used it on shadows then they could use the haptic feedback on the TE2 to use as a training tool for breakers… Wow, that’s my favorite idea ever. Everyone has been hoping to get @Infilament’s awesome shadow breaker training tool into the game somehow, but if they could just get the game to rumble during the break windows (even if just in training mode) this could do the trick.

Now that sounds like an Awesome and Killer idea/suggestion for KI