Game freezing on Xbox One - can anybody help?


I hope I’m in the right forum, I’m really new here.

So, I’ve downloaded the “free” version of KI on my Xbox One (sort of like try-before-buy) and I have massive problems with the game. It freezes every time during matches (single player)! Usually I have 1 “freeze”/round and each takes about 4 seconds. It’s always different, sometimes the freeze comes earlier in a match, sometimes later.

I have made a video about it:

You can see the freeze from 0:31-0:35 and 1:18-1:22. The weird thing is that the music keeps playing in the background… This is extremely annoying for a fighting game (actually for any game), but I’ve never experienced similar problems in my other games.

Did anybody experience similar issues?

I also tried uninstalling the game and then re-downloaded it, but now the problem seems actually worse. I’ve played 3 matches (Player vs. CPU) and I’ve had 2 freezes which took over 6 seconds, 2 or 3 shorter ones and after the second match even the menu froze for a few seconds (where it lists the XP gained during the match).

First of all, welcome to the forums. Sorry you are having a negative experience. I would encourage you to repost this comment in the bug reporting thread.

As far as this problem, I have never heard of anyone having this trouble before and certainly KI does not do this for me. Any advice I can offer is just spitballing so take it with a grain of salt…

I assume since you uninstalled and reinstalled you have also done a hard reboot of the Xbox One (which seems to cure most things and is required rather frequently). Are you playing with an online connection? If so, you might want to disable it and see if that matters. I’m not sure if this will impact the free version. Also are you running the game off the internal HDD or an external? It could be having trouble with your hard drive.

I have low faith that any of this would matter but again, I haven’t heard of this happening before.

Thank you for the fast reply! :slight_smile:

I always completely turn off my console (basically never use “suspend”, because sometimes I don’t play for weeks so it’d be a waste of electricity) and I rebooted it quite a few times since installing and reinstalling the game.

It’s installed on the internal HDD. Oh, and I have the “phat” Xbox One (if that matters) with the 500GB drive.

I was signed in into my Xbox account, but since I played an “offline” match vs. the CPU I don’t think that would matter.

What do you mean with “bug reporting thread”? Could you point me to it, I can’t find it.


No problem. The official season three bug reporting thread is pinned under “suggestions and feedback.” This link should work.

Are you nearing capacity for the HDD? It sounds like a loading issue but I don’t know that KI is loadimg much off the HDD mid match. I have a Day 1 Xbox (phat, lol) and it runs KI no problem.

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Actually I bought the console not long ago (the white Sunset Overdrive Limited Edition) and I only have like 3 demos on it. 20.1% used all together.

Oh and thanks for the link! I saw that one, but didn’t want to post there because the thread is already so long and I don’t know if my problem is related to Season 3 or if it’s just a bad console…

Well, everything in the game is “Season 3” at this point, plus the developers have a bug team that actively monitor that thread. They won’t see it if you don’t post it there. Plenty of smart forum readers hang there too and someone might help you. I’m a little surprised I’m the only person who’s responded so far, actually…

Thank you very much. I posted it there, I hope they’ll see it (20h later… :))

I know that you don’t want to hear this, but the Xbox One might habe a bad Hard Disk Drive. KI might have just by luck installed on the bad spot. If your X1 is still under warranty, then call and report this problem. This way if it gets worse “other games start having this problem” they have a record on when the problem started.

I didn’t run into any crashes however be careful of shadow lords it crashes a lot and you can try to delete some old stuff on your xbox and make sure your wifi is good.

I also suspected this. I’ll try some more stuff, maybe even completely reset my console to factory settings.

Unfortunately the console has no warranty anymore… I just wish that you could replace the drive in Xbox as easily as the PlayStation.

Well, so I did a complete factory reset on my console, downloaded the game for a third time and I still have the error.

I guess I’ll need to replace the HDD…

Instead of trying to replace it, just get an external HDD and move everything to that. For inexplicable reasons an external drive is actually measurably faster than the internal Xbox One drive anyway.

I have a 500GB external HDD (WD MyPassport, USB3.0, 100MB/s read speeds), so I cleaned it (had to find place for about 300GB of stuff first…) and moved the game to the external HDD. And now I’m more confused than before…

The game still has issues, but not as often as it had with the internal HDD. The most curious thing I noticed is that every time the game freezes the external HDD is not read. It’s got a blinking LED for read and write access but it doesn’t blink up until the last moment of the freeze. It’s like the console is thinking “should I read the HDD?”.

Also I noticed the freezing in the menus too. With the internal and external HDD. Sometimes as early as the intro (where the logo turns and the small “KI” loading animation comes).

The last thing I can think about is still the internal HDD - since the OS still resides on it. Maybe that’s the problem. Or GameDVR?

Man that’s bizarre. I really couldn’t tell you what else to try. Are you having trouble with any other games?

I have a similar problem I was about to ask for help with. It crashes on start up when it checks for the DLC…but only when it connected to the internet. Offline it works as long as I don’t try to go to Shadow Lords.

Similar deal though. Big fat Xbox one, external drive.

I don’t really use my Xbox often, so I have only tried a few other demos (Dead Rising 4, Forza Horizon 2). Didn’t notice these problems there. Killer Instinct is the game I’m mainly interested in so that’s why I have put in so much time to figure out what the problem is.

I have Sunset Overdrive and Ryse on disc, maybe I’ll pop in that later and see what happens.