Game freezes

The game freezes after a game. Try lowering the graphics and disabling certain options for better performance. But he still freezes after finishing the fight

Hello and thank you for reaching out! We’re sorry to hear you are encountering this issue! Would you be able to provide some additional info like the platform and OS this is occurring on (Win10, 11, etc) and if this is after an online or offline match like Story? Thank you in advance!

It happens after a game, regardless of whether it is private or multiplayer.

Gaming on PC, Windows 10 OS

OK, thank for the additional info and it sounds like the game does not recover after this occurs, correct?

We would like to try some steps first to see if this can resolve the issue.

  1. Update to the latest Windows software by running Check for Updates.
  2. Update to the latest Windows Store software by opening the Store, selecting Library, and clicking on Update.
  3. Verify the Xbox App was updated during Step 2 by viewing its most recent update in the Library page in the Windows Store.
  4. Verify the video card drivers are up to date (Refer to the Manufacturer’s websites.).
  5. Verify the sound card drivers are up to date (Refer to Manufacturer’s websites.).
  6. Reboot the PC once all of these are updated.
  7. Sign into the Account that owns KI content in all THREE of the following: Windows Store, Xbox App, AND the Xbox Game Bar (Win Key +G).

If the problem persists after running all of the steps above can you please provide a dxdiag from the affected PC and if possible a video of the issue occurring? Thank you for your patience!

Hey, I’d like if you could DM me as I’ve been having issues since the last update.

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I tried those solutions but there was no change. Try lowering the graphics settings to have more performance and neither

I’m sorry for the delay, but the problem has not been solved yet.