Game Freezes randomly for about 3 seconds (Xbox one S)

Hey there!

I just got my hands on a Xbone S and started playing KI. Now my problem is, it freezes in random places and to random times for about 3 seconds, accepting no input and then it continues as if nothing happend.

Situations where it freezed:

  • In the main menu
  • In the Shop-Menu of Kan-Ra in Shadow Lords
  • During a normal Combo, Combo-Breaker
  • At the start of an ultra Combo

What i noticed during those freezes is that the sound keeps on playing.
For example if it freezes druing a combo-breaker the speaker still shouts out his line during the freeze, only the grafics seem to stop.

I could get over the freezes in the menu, it is a hastle but its not bothering too much, but the freezes during the fight are very irritating.

At first i thought it had something to do with the game streaming in the background since it wasn’t downloaded completely but it keeps on freezing even after the download was finished.

I haven’t found any other topic regarding this exact problem. But if there is i’m sorry for the double-topic.

Thanks for any help!


I keep just getting loads of random stuttering in my games and its driving me mad, not just KI3 but most games I play

I just had this problem while playing KI, not in any other games, so i figured it had to do with the game, not with the console.

No wonder i couldn’t find anything here :smiley: .

There seems to be a problem with the Xbox Live connectivity but there are no real solutions at first glance…

Also, most of the topics have been created 3 months ago.

I’ll keep on searching if i find anything else.

If anyone finds something please let me know :slight_smile:



Could you upload clips of such freezes?

Hey there!

Sure, here it is:

Hope this can help adress the problem :confused:

Yup. Its likely to do with your connection or with XBL at that time. If its a recurring issue, its most probably your connection spiking a lot. Happens to me on occassion when my ISP is having its mood swings, connection spikes and drops for hours.

HDD failure?

Hmm… i suspected as much.

I realized that those freezes keep happening more frequent when i get an achievement or something like that.
So currently it happens during every fight.

But at least i know now that is has nothing to do with the game itself. Hope i can get a more stable connection, even though the console is already wired via switch.

Well lets hope for the best :smiley:

Thanks for the help, really apreciate it :slight_smile: