Game DVR and Upload Rant (Xbox One)

What seems to be grinding my skull lately is the quality of the clips that I’ve captured while playing Killer Instinct.

The quality is just not good for me in my personal opinion. I don’t see why we can’t improve the quality of the captured videos on the Xbox One but on Windows it’s okay?

Now Upload Studio is the real deal breaker. I’m not exactly a professional video editor but I find it to be cheap to have to put with a limited of effects to use for intros, outros, etc., and no new effects being released by Microsoft.

Kinect and all the other stuff can sit this one out for me. Microsoft needs to seriously add some options to improve the quality of our video clips captured with their built in Game DVR, something other than buying an Elgato (which I have no problem with investing).

I won’t argue with the tools available for upload studio, that said enough of the big time creators have found unique ways to upload content which is refreshing despite only having a limited palette to work with.

Also, I don’t think Xbox hardware has the capability to render videos in anything at or above 1080 pixels, it usually is always compressed to 720 pixels.

Its convenient in the sense that you don’t need the additional equipment but for a person like myself who deeply values quality and consistent fps, I record with an Elgato should I ever want high quality content.

On that note, you might as well pick one up, they are pretty easy to manage and setup compared to previous capture devices I used in the past. Just make sure your drive has the memory for it, considering how much clips take up. Plus, I don’t see MS adding content to Upload Studio anytime soon even after being requested several times.

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