Game crashing online 100% of the time

hi, im an Xbox One player trying to 100% the game in terms of achievements and everytime i queue Ranked or Exhibition it searches for an opponent as the game should then it crashes at the exact second i find someone, before i can see him actually, i simply know because i can find people in my recently met players list…
is it a complete GG for my completion or is there a solution exisiting for that problem? [i have a similar problem on TERA and TERA (Asian) as well where my game works fine until i choose a server, then it crashes instantly]

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yes, i have this error, cannot play multiplayer

up pls

I solved this problem on Steam.


you fixed dthis on steam? that is my precise problem, could you let us know how? / link the article?

UP again pls i just wanna finish my 100%…