Game crashing after update?

Anyone else getting crashes since the update? I’ve had two ranked games I was winning crash on me now.
Really frustrating, as I have to boot the game up again :confused:

On a more positive note, I am having fun with Eagle :slight_smile:

Got a few disconnects today, more than usually.

Someone on Facebook KI group, said charging a projectile with eagle and walking forward whilst online is causing the crashes.

Can anyone confirm this is the cause in an exhibition match? (Don’t do it in ranked unless you want the DC penalty)

I’ve had it happen to me twice and seen it happen to the other person twice. I’m on PC.

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Yes, it looks like Eagle doing a fully charged shot will sometimes crash online matches if rollback happens on a very specific frame (so it’s kind of random and unpredictable). People are trying to get to the bottom of it in the bug thread, hopefully the devs are able to find the issue and get a hotfix out as soon as possible.

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What Infil said. Don’t charge up his arrow and you should be able to avoid any crashes.

Can confirm, I was just playing with megabite (awesome player btw) and it happened to me. Bummer. Hopefully we can get another patch or hotfix quick otherwse easgle will have to be banned from tourneys until the bug is fixed

Online tourneys yes, “fortunately” this bug only affects online play (because it’s rollback-based). Offline nobody can get the bug to happen.

But yeah, I’m crossing my fingers for a very quick hotfix, because this is a showstopper.

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I was labbing Sadira in practice mode and the game straight up crashed. Getting lots of disconnects and wacky lag online when playing against Eagle.

wasn’t aware it was online only. To be honest , at first I thought Kan Ra was broken again…

But Kan-Ra did nothing wrong. Lol

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