Game Crashed!

I was doing a runthrough with a team of Fulgore, Spinal, and Sabrewulf, and it’s about day 5 or 6, and I encounter a mission entitled “Fulgore Unit Testing”. I figure this is a recruitment mission, but I already have Fulgore in my party, so I decide to play the fight with him just for giggles. BANG. Game crashes. I don’t know if this is a real bug or just a goof on my part, but it IS concerning.

Mine has crashed twice while facing Gargos. the first time i had just beat Gargos after 54 days and it crashed in the win animation :sob:
When i booted back up i at least expected to face Gargos again but it told me that he had defeated me and to start again. NOOOOOOO.

Couple of crashed here as well. When you go back the character you were using is dead.