Game cards and Game Tags not showing

@KRAKENJIMMY Something is wrong over here from what Im seeing. Peoples game tags aren’t showing nor is their fight card emblem.
Getting some heavy lag and roll back too. NOt sure if anyone else is seeing it but I am.

Not sure if part of the problem, but my game refuses to load/save. All my data is effectively wiped out. For the mean time I am not playing or going to relaunch the game on PC. Have not tested it out on console.

Well if it makes you feel better, I accidentally wiped all of my save data. :crying_cat_face:

Shoot. I just checked, there was a recent windows update that was not mandatory so it sort of hid unless the update manager was refreshed for the latest patch. More than certain that was the problem, could be something else though, but it fixed my data and the Error 10 was gone.

I’m so sorry :beers:

I lost everything… :cry:

This marks the 4th time that I’ve lost everything with KI. I’ve given up trying to reach level 50 on every character. At least this time it was my own fault versus a game crippling bug.

Oddly enough it put me back in Killer. I’m sure I’m gonna get some salt. :joy:

Did either of you see missing game card emblems or game tags? You know on the ready screen? Its just a black silhouette where the game card emblem would be and the game tag.

If you mean the screen is black with only a KI logo then it means the other player is on PC. Otherwise, I’m not sure, I didn’t notice it.

NO these weren’t PC players… these had Xbox symbols. ONe fo them was PC…it had the Globe symbol…but the rest were XBox. I didnt see any issues to day so I guess all is back to normal.