Game Boy Advance game

So… I played game boy game which includes 369 games in 1 game cartridge. There’s a lot of weird named games and clones of other games, but this one got my attention.

Well, thats cute. I googled for game named that and nothing. Anyone recognizes?
This seems to be some kind of tank game, not love, tho. :frowning:

Oh, thats the game cartridge I talked about. Got it from ebay. Nice, but includes lot of cheap clones and repeats, even it says “no repeat”. Also, games which name’s are changed and then you can’t search and google for it, nice.

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From what I could find by searching “8-Bit Tank Game”, appears to be a game called Battle City by Namco, if I had to take a wild guess.

Yeah, bootleg cartridges like that always try to muddy the water by changing the name/title screen. Or worst case scenario, slightly changing the model sprites from one game with anothers. But hopefully thats the game you’re looking for!

Yes, it is! Thanks!
Thats just annoying that they change game names and title screens because if you find a nice game and want to know more and try to google, nope, you won’t find.

“Making love” would be interesting name for game, makes wonder what would be game’s idea.

Glad to help!

“Making love” would be interesting name for game, makes wonder what would be game’s idea.

I suppose they were going for the standard “Make Love, Not War” phrase, but the name they actually went with has…pretty strange implications lol. If anything, it sounds like one of those Visual Novels you’d see plastered all over Steam.

Im sure its a language barrier, as most bootlegs are manufactured by those who aren’t really english speakers. Plus by making their own title screens/edits, Im sure it allows them to find a loophole regarding copyright in their countries, from what I understand.

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Yeah. :smiley: Or maybe it could have been a name for dating sim/game, for example
One game was some kind of Megaman clone and was named as: “Mega crap”

Mega Crap, huh… probably the only time in history where “Toilet Man” would be an appropriate robot master to include lol.

“You Got: Royal Flush”

Its either, that or maybe the bootlegger reallllly didnt like MegaMan in general.

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Haha, yeah :smiley:

I clicked on this thinking it was gonna be a bootleg KI GBA port. How wrong I was.

I need to ask, what does this “bootleg” term mean?

In this cartridge, there is actually game named “Killer Instinct”. I was excited, but then found out its not KI, its some platformer game where you play as a nurse. :frowning:

The word “bootleg” is a common term used for a product thats made on the cheap, usually as a way trick the customer into buying what they think is an official product, but in actuality is something slapped together inside a random factory outside of the US. Most the times, its built from cheap plastic which breaks very easily. Dollar stores and flea markets are a common place for them pop up at.

Games, DVDs, and countless action figures are mostly common. Some examples…

Marvel, DC, Power Rangers, Shrek and a random car from the movie “Cars”. Demonstrating the lack of research on the manufacturing process.

Ah yes The Crow starring Heath Ledger… guess he didnt OD’d afterall.

And more famously, Sonic 4 for Super Nintendo. A game that does not exist officially, yet someone out there managed to make it a reality. Spoilers, its not a good game. Very poorly programed.


In conclusion, the game you have is probably a bootleg. Which for collectors sake, does make an interesting conversation piece at least.


Oh I got it now, thank you for explaining :smiley: That Shrek one looks he’s suffering D:

Yeah, my game sure is “bootleg” then. Of course I knew it’s not from Nintendo, but I decided to buy it because it includes multiple games and wasnt even expensive, so why not. :smiley: It includes Super Mario’s and few other good games, tho.