G.Raam the perfect gameplay for EyeDol

Imagine me with

Change the model GRaam, by a Eyedol model … Same movements (adapting the swarm) and we would have a perfect gameplay for Eyedol!

We have the kicks on the floor
we have the brute force to ignore projectiles
we have the throws
have an instinct that literally destroys the enemy with brute force (adapting again, could regenerate Eyedol)
Defenses against missile and approach, Eyedol could create using force and energy (as a KI explosion in Dragon Ball lol)

I look at the gameplay of GRaam and see Eyedol

With minor adjustments and modifications, we would have a new and original gameplay for Eyedol. It’s how I like to see it coming!

Someone else thought of it while playing with GRaam?

Unfortunately we lost an optimal gameplay with a character, disposable. Why I call disposable? The guests will not be permanent characters. I’m afraid to like and improve with them, and in a next game, not have the same gameplay to play again!

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Funny you mentioned, I have just made a thread mentioning something like that:

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No it’s not. Have you ever fought Eyedol? RAAM is a grapler, Eyedol is combo heavy. Eyedol is more of a Rushdown character, and thats what makes him so terrifying. He’s monstrous in size and weight, yet is one of the quickest characters in the game (KI 1 anyway). He’ll move slow to bait you and to charge up, and then will have a a sudden burst of speed and pummel you.

So no, RAAM’s gameplay is no where close to Eyedol.

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lol the old eyedol was nothing… like the old GArgos! Dude wtf…

Im confused… What does the old Eyedol have to do with the old Gargos? Gargos was never mentioned once by me or you…

none of them was nothing. None had strokes or style, in fact, in ancient KI, all char were the same “gamestyle”

When you say “RAAM is a grapler, Eyedol is heavy combo” does not mean anything.

Gargos was nothing, now have a style! The same example applies in the case of Eyedol!!

Eyedol is virtually a blank page when we deal about gamestyle and how he could return today!

Just as it was with Gargos

Thats it :wink:

He means old Gargos(KI2) and actual Gargos have nothing in common in their gameplay

I get you. Still, I feel like I would like a return to how Eyedol used to be, or at least something close to it, rather than something like RAAM

now we are talking about tastes :kissing_heart:

I do agree, Eyedol it’s my old KI favourite character, and he deserves his standalone spot.

But the point of @Zeybuccaneer still stays: If they never announced Raam and used his moveset with Eyedol appearance… I would be happy. It fits the character. A powerhouse towering monster which grabs and slams his opponent, pummeling with brute force without mercy

Things can change… Gargos of this version and Gargos of old have little in common.
I support this eye-dea (its pun time again, boys and girls!) of re-skinning Raam for Eyedol. And so I suggest we keep it for a sequel, Injustice-style. This of course means sacrificing Eyedol for this version of the game, but based on MS’ notice of KI and how its become sortof a big deal in their universe, there will be a sequel and I would hope to see this in there.
That being said, I would also feel a little robbed of a possibly original IG design of Eyedol, re-imagining everything from look to moveset to personality. So consider me in the conflicted department.

I think you could make a case that Raam’s playstyle could have been used for Eyedol. Certain elements anyway. I don’t see how you can replace the knife with a big club, but I guess similar concepts - he grabs you and hits you with the club instead of grabbing you and stabbing you.

The only time I ever “liked” the old Eyedol was when KI2 came out, and he had been replaced by Gargos. Gargos was so awful that I felt like they should have brought Eyedol back. But other than that I wasn’t a fan. I generally hate cheap quarter stealing bosses, because I can remember heading into the arcade with $5 and wanting to beat a game. Its not the same sitting on your couch having to hit “start” 20 times… My point is I wouldn’t hold too closely to Eyedol’s original moveset. Because it was garbage. It didn’t even make sense in the context of the first game.

I’d take Raam over eydol 10 times ot of 10

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by now raam is the worst char in the game ever. it would be vomile if this uninspired thing would be in to take the place of eyedol. also, don’t compare the eyedol possible moveset to this s*y one, please, this is an abortion.

I didn’t mind Eyedol so much…I mean he was a hell of a lot more fun to fight against than Shao Kahn & Kintaro in MK2. I played both games side-by-side. Yes a lot of the things Eyedol did were cheap, but I always felt he was still approachable. If (well, at this point I really feel it’s more like when) I hope they at least bring back his crazy fast charge…that move would be the stuff of nightmares…and it’d be awesome.