FYI: Shadows are accessible WITHOUT a live subscription

I didn’t notice this until today. Was this always intended? Lol

Shadows has been all that I’ve been playing since my subscription expired. And yes, that is as intended. Gold is for PvP, but all other functions like leader boards and whatnot are available with a silver account.

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That should be a more-known feature. Shadows will make sure people can always come back to the game!

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Very true. Honestly I think they should find a way to better advertise the mode as it isn’t really clear how good it is.

When I first heard about the mode I was like, “WTF? Why I want to play this?” It was only after I played it, and then really got into it by adding more friends and then going back and forth that I realized how good the mode really was.

Shadows it really awesome. Maybe one of the best “single-player” FG modes I’ve ever played…though their is always room for improvement.

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I think it’s more realistic than playing the cpu… setups work more the way they should when you face shadows… it allows you to really improve your offense as well as your defense.

I totally agree with this. To me it is far and away the best single player mode in a fg.

It’s not perfect, but it does a great job of replicating online and peoples play styles that you may come across online. It’s the closest thing you can get to playing online without actually having to face another human and the things that come along with that.

Some people get nervous playing online or just want to practice offline with a similar opponent to online and shadow mode is perfect for those people.

I play it a lot for many reasons.

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It would be nice if I weren’t limited to Two Shadows only.

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