Future Sabrewulf Content Possibilities (Spoilers)

So with the development in Shadow Lords the Kan-Ra gave Sabrewulf back the ability to speak, how many people would be interested in seeing new opening/ending/taunt lines or cinematics from the character to reflect this? Most of his dialogue in Shadow Lords shows him to actually be very well read and loquacious, which can be a bit jarring compared to his very feral attitude in-game.


I don’t know why, but I imagine Sabrewulf being voiced by Keith David for some reason.


Were it so easy…


People would think he ate Arbiter…

It’ll be Red Riding Hood all over again…

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I imagine Reinhardt voice actor from overwatch speaking for saberwulf.

Keith David came to mind 1st for me as well. Then immediately after I thought of Arbiter.:cry::cry: Haha maybe Ron Perlman??? :laughing::laughing:

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