Future Community Fund (s)

Optional (name your price) add on donations

Special edition T-shirts

It’s in game but I’m sure people would pay for classic KI tracks.

Junk food

A “create your own” is always fun. I know Dos5 had done it a lot. If they did a create your own costume design, or ultimate. I would be all over that. It’s fun to fund something you have a clearer vision of.

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That’s defintely true man. Good point.


A lot of people if I have noticed don’t actually like the idea of a community fund for the tournament scene. Which is weird to me. It’s almost like they didn’t expect to be asked for a donation for the tournament scene preferring to just donate to in game content.

My question is why did people expect any different the shago community fund was exactly like this one except except instead of getting a charecter you got a skin, some gold and the hope that if enough people bought the fund ig will actually give the skin you got a new moveset.

Any way after thinking on it I think it’s because somehow people equated “community fund” to give funds to devs so they can make ingame content we want instead of donate to the tournament scene when you buy this in game content. (Even I am guilty of this because I keep saying shago fund as if the money was going to fund shago but the thing is IT ISNT it all went to the tournament pot bonus for online and offline play. The shago moveset was only a promise, a way to see just how many people wanted shago to be a real boy)

I swear someone in Microsoft office is scratching their head wondering why is there such a division in the fan base about this, they cut the entire price in half(it used to be 20$), garenteed a charecter instead of a skin and maybe an upgrade to a charecter if an arbitrary amount of money is passed and instead of arbitrarily increaseing the price by throwing in KI gold which has lost its value since some things you can’t buy with it. On paper it sounds just like the shago fund except better. In fact instead of 100 percent of the funds going to tournaments like the shago one only half is so the rest is going to IG to make more in game content…

I guess maybe people were expecting idk buy this skin and if we get a lot of money we will give everyone stages??

Give us money and we will make in game content??

But isn’t that the deal with any optional content the devs give us? If everyone bought all the terror/gold skins then undoubtedly the money would go to paying the employees as well as making more in game content. There is no need to have a community fund to do that…

I guess the only part of the fund that people liked wasn’t the donating part but the promise by the dev to give them a particular in game content they wanted at the time. It felt like they were actually funding a specific in game content that the community wanted at the time. Either the fans misunderstood the purpose of community funds or the Dev’s misunderstood why the fans actually wanted more community funds.

I wonder why this happened? Was it how IG worded the shago community fund? Did the big streamers who used donations from their viewers(on behalf of the viewers by the way) to buy many multiple copies off the shago fund copies give the wrong impression on what the purpose of the fund was? Was this avoidable?

Would people still dislike this community fund if it was EXACTLY like the shago one? 20 bucks for a fulgore skin that might get a new moveset on its own if enough people buy it and reach a goal plus some KI gold with less value than before?( somehow I don’t think people would like this option)


I don’t mind spending my money on KI because the game is awesome, the online experience is arguably the best, and it functions like it is supposed to 99% of the time. I honestly can’t say that for most fighting games. Which is extremely sad.

At this point the FGC in general can be a real turn off though. So I don’t blame anybody who doesn’t want to support the tournament scene. But it doesn’t change the fact that the tournament scene does help keep the game alive for more potential content in the future.

Technically everything is a “community fund” Spend more money on skins, colors, characters, etc. MS sees the game makes profit, they throw more funding at the game, we got more cool stuff to spend money on.

Yeah I’m gonna buy Kilgore to support the game and have pretty much bought everything ever in the game. I’ve even bought all the ultimate source figures. I just hope they’ll have a fund for in game content as well one day. Maybe stuff like stages that aren’t in their current plans of things to come.

Maybe they should’ve tied ultimates to the community fund. Get the fund over $500k or something and every character gets an ultimate, all proceeds go into tournament pots as you’d expect because it’s a community fund for tournaments. Change nothing about the $10 Kilgore deal, but maybe add a separate KI gold + donation bundle so that people can chip even more money in.

Seriously guys, you’ll probably never see a direct crowdfunding scheme for KI. We’ve been over this: it’d be a PR nightmare for Microsoft. Sony got into enough ■■■■ with the Shenmue 3 Kickstarter, for a game that might not even be exclusive to their platform. Crowdfunding for KI would raise ugly questions about the extent to which fans are being taken advantage of to fund features which may or may not have eventually been funded by Microsoft directly anyway, that’ll increase the profitability of a game wholly owned by Microsoft. If the fund is for tournament pots then it largely avoids this kind of dilemma.

Also, you just got ultimates, by far the number one community wishlist item. They probably timed that reveal to go with the new community fund hoping that the wave of casual goodwill would make the Kilgore + donation bundle more palatable. Ultimates probably won’t bring all that many new players in, so their inclusion is mostly about building hype among the existing fan base, which apparently doesn’t count for much.

I don’t get why people pay good money to watch football. It’s like your money is going to some person who spends most of their life running around a field chasing an inflatable leather ball, and in a lot of cases from what I’ve seen those people are also really rude and mean and dysfunctional and terrible role models.

Seriously, you can ■■■■ on any sport in this manner, especially if you’re not interested in the athleticism or mechanics of play at high levels. For my money, I’d prefer the world looked forward to EVO rather than the Super Bowl, which I think is a ■■■■ sport.


I don’t mind community funds like these, however, if a character is locked to one, then I hope when the fund has reached it’s goal, the character will then be purchasable individually after.


I don’t think this is all that crazy. I don’t mind supporting the tournament scene (I enjoy watching these guys play on stream and see their hard work pay off) but it only makes sense that more people would rather donate to something that they directly benefit from (new content) rather than going to other people/tournaments. Not saying I agree with it myself, but I can understand that POV.

[quote=“HailFireSpawn, post:25, topic:17491”]
My question is why did people expect any different the shago community fund was exactly like this one except except instead of getting a charecter you got a skin, some gold and the hope that if enough people bought the fund ig will actually give the skin you got a new moveset.
[/quote]The Shago fund was completely different.

  1. It actually gave you more than your donation worth of in-game content.
  2. It gave you two reasons to donate, whether it be to update shago or fund tournaments.
  3. The Shago skin wasn’t a major piece of content like a character, it was a bonus.

Nobody I know was begging for the last year for a second fund so that some guys they don’t know can walk off with a huge prize pot. No, they were asking for Shadow Orchid, Shadow Maya, more stages, more costumes, more colors. The reason the Shago fund hit its goal in 3 days wasn’t because every person who plays KI wanted to support the scene, it was because damn near everyone loved Shago and wanted to see that season one promise of a unique moveset come to fruition and because they were selling a previously exclusive piece of in-game content, the Shago skin.

The tournament stuff was just a bonus and the vast majority of fans play the game at home and don’t even check the forums or pay attention to the pros so of course in-game content is way more appealing.

Personally I bought Kilgore reluctantly. I bought him for the character and to support KI as I always have, not to fund tournaments. At least I can rest peacefully knowing that we are getting ultimates, so I can just pretend my $5 went to fund that instead because had they done an ultimate or stage fundraiser I would have donated several times over like I did with Shago. (I bought the Shago bundle 3 times on different accounts just to support his moveset)

What they should have done was make a special $10 exclusive skin pack that funds tournaments, so people didn’t feel like major in-game content was being held hostage for double the price. A skin pack like that would have been relatively easy to produce and would have been 100% optional, so if people didn’t like the price they could opt out. Sure you could just not buy Kilgore if you don’t agree with the forced donation price but come on, that’s just unreasonable. Characters are what makes a fighting game, of course people are going to be passionate about them especially when they’re double dipping on the price against your will.

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Ugh. Poor @EbullientSeaCow- you asked for brainstorming future suggestions and are getting reposts of the same dreck we’ve all been posting elsewhere.

Here’s my brainstorm for a future community fund that I would support:

  1. Sell me something cosmetic for the game that is completely frivolous and unnecessary.
    Double points if it’s really unique and WONT be made available to people after the community fund is done. Exclusive colors and skins are okay, but unless they are thematically tied to the CF (i.e. Jago in a KI World Cup t-shirt) people will complain. So give me a special badge or taunt line that says “I’m a pillar of the KI community” or something that recognizes my contribution. I like that the MK skin was really different for sub zero and way outside the look of the regular one. But heck, make a universal accessory that is just a KI World Cup button that the characters wear and I would snap that stuff up. These things are not part of a consumer driven decision about how much I’m willing to pay for content. It’s a little recognition for my contributing to the community. I don’t feel bad about how much I’m paying for a character, I feel good about how much I’m contributing and I get to show off my widget with pride.

  2. List out some goals for the fund. Make these fun and interesting, not just a pot bonus. Something that will make me interested in both the fund itself and in the following tournaments. X dollars for a saucey suite broadcast. X dollars and @rukizzel agrees to wear a pair of @BHswordsman09 style Cinder kicks to KI World Cup. $10 Billion and Ken Lobb will play against Bill Gates in a FT10 exhibition set right before Grand finals (Gates can use combo assist). These things don’t have to be huge. Make them cheap and trivial but FUN. The KI development team at both IG and MS are way more fun and creative than I am. Come up with something. I want something to root for besides an extra $25k distributed between ten guys I don’t know and will never meet.


Eh don’t worry about it I figured some would creep in. And a few of them have alternatives posted inside the ranting… sooo I can accept it.

I like these.

though the side goals sound fun… like they could do a if we reach X amount kev bayliss will design a alt skin for a character

that and now that you got me thinking… if they could add clothing to the donation pool. like buy these shirts… fund the tournaments… kinda like how dota does (I know might not be a good example since dotas community is like a billion times bigger than ours but still)


thats the thing. people were paying not for the tournament scene but for shago and now they want to pay for stages and other in game content. the problem or at least a potential problem is that it feels like the people from Microsoft didn’t realize that. its like they saw the success from the previous community fund and was like wow all these people want to support the scenes well as want shadow jago as a character the next step would obviously be to create another fund for the tournament scene and give them straight up another character to replicate that success.

and now from what i gather the relationship between the casual and tournament going fans are more strained and the majority of people dont seem to care about the tournament scene. kilgore not only wasnt popular enough to entice people to donate but people now resent the fact that they have to donate to get him and with the devalueing of ki Gold its not like they could throw some in their since its not worth as much as it was in the past.

like i said on paper the killgore fund seem like a good idea on paper but now things are different, the priorities of fans may not be what microsoft expected. it feels like this community fund was painted into the wall here

i think the shago fund will have to remain in infamy and microsoft will have to accept that there probably wont be another 3 day goal winner. even if they change up how the community fund works and like Andy says change the goal shago is a special case with his exclusivity and status as a boss charecter skin realisticly whatever goal they set especially if it isnt in game probably wont have as much profit as shago even if they sell something cosmetic with it.

but that doesnt mean that they shouldnt make more funds. imcurious how they do the next one to make it better than this one

Here’s one idea, why not fund getting the KI news screen in the game spruced up a bit? All KI related info, top streams, tournaments being played all linked in easily accessed windows on that page.

I mean, 8 bit beat down was just a lucky stumble for me to find and it is/was a weekly event that I can’t keep track of nowadays.
I suppose instead of a news page, it could become the community app (sort of like the Halo channel) which would be the one-stop place to go for all your KI goodness. They could even link that community lobby match thing they have going on, the KI arena thingy that came with the LFG update on the Xbone dashboard.
This will help those interested in the game to pursue it further and join the community with ease.

The only other thing I want to see apart from the stages, costumes, accessories is a KI fight pad. 8-direction D-pad, 6 button layout with bumpers instead of the 4 buttons, bumpers and triggers, while still making use of the right stick for combo breakers/throw inputs.

‘‘A community funded fight pad? How would that work?’’ well, how much can a pad design cost? I mean they made laser-etched pads and Xbones for gears 4.
That’s all the fund would go towards, keep in mind. The incentive would be that those who contributed to the fund would receive a voucher, so when they bought the pad, it would be at a discount. Online purchase of course direct for MS store.

Yes, I am THAT desperate for a pad that actually has 8 directions on it for the Xbone.

P.S. Don’t suggest the elite pad, they still don’t have 8 directions on the motherboard.

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If you want to get technical, the Shago fund also held a character hostage.

“Give us your money and we’ll give you a complete character.”

But it also came with a stipulation - “make us this amount of money or you don’t get a complete character.”

In this way, and many others already mentioned, the Kilgore CF is actually better than that of the Shago CF.

And don’t kid yourself; both Shago and Kilgore are bonus characters - both are the only characters exclusively available through special promotions and non-standard purchase. Every other character is included in standard purchase models as well as through the free rotation. Shaving and Kilgore are not.

Not really.

It was a promise to update something that already existed, not a fully furnished piece of content behind a paywall. The major issue though is that it didn’t even bother to give us something worth out money, the Shago fund did and that’s why it wasn’t out of line asking $20.

Also the “bonus” argument is invalid, Kilgore isn’t a bonus character. Its been stated that this is post-season paid content, this is a new pricing model they’re trying out. The season model is over, this is how characters are going to be distributed most likely from now on. D:

I agree he’s not a bonus. The jury is still out on whether this is the new model that will replace the season model or if it is a supplement until season 4. Since they never actually tell us anything with any certainty that is forward looking. Grumble grumble.


Lol’d with this while I picture you as an old man complaining about the young people wasting their life XD

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