Future Community Fund (s)

So seeing as how the community is a tad divided on the community fund this time around. I was thinking let’s all brainstorm some ways to please the most ammount of people. Anyone care to share thoughts? I’m asking cause I personally love the idea behind the funds and would like to see them be a yearly thing.

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Please don’t vent frustrations here this is for positive brainstorming please

How about community funds that add new in game content? I’m pretty sure that everyone would be onboard with that. Let’s start with stages for Rash, Mira , Raam and Kilgore. For Rash’s stage, have it placed in his dimension/ world. And please, have a stage ultra that included Zitz and Pimple laying the smack down on the opponent that ended with Rash dealing the final blow. I’d gladly pay for that. And any other character missing a stage.

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I’d say stages for Mira, Eyedol, Kilgore, Rash and Raam, but stages seem to be exceedingly expensive. If stage “remixes” ala Shadow Tiger’s Lair are more possible / less expensive, that might be a route to go.

Other ideas would be colors, new costumes, new accessories, more colors and accessories for Omen, accessories for Shago, etc.

I will say though that I have a feeling the community fund idea won’t be coming back any time soon. For one thing, they JUST announced one. But also, given the divided attitude toward this particular fund, I tend to wonder if they’ll have any desire to do another one.

The logical response might be “yeah, well just don’t tie it to a character,” but you’ll always have people saying “they should’ve tied it to this other thing instead. I don’t want to pay for this.”

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Stages, costumes, accessories and skins. That’s the way to go in my opinion.
I don’t like seeing playable content behind a paywall, even though I can understand why this choice was made (people will most likely pay for a character than colors or whatever) and I gladly paid 10 bucks for Kilgore and to support the scene (if the scene is alive, we might have new content patch, etc.)


I personally love this idea but I have to wonder about feasible this idea is. Since we know that stages cost just as much as characters to make. And people are not happy atm about this current funds pricing. But maybe since it’s cosmetic and not a playable character or feature. It will be ok with them hopefully?

@developers. Would a community fund for all the characters that don’t have stages to get one be possible ?

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I don’t know about all cause I got a feeling the next 2 won’t have stages either. So that could get out of hand quick I’d assume

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I think paying $10 is too much for Kilgore by himself, even if half of it goes to a community fund. Here’s what I think should be available:

  • Kilgore bundle - $10 : comes with Kilgore and $10 worth of KI Gold (that way, you can at least purchase additional Shadow Lords content or skins).
  • Same with the other two characters
  • Bonus Combo Breaker Pack - $20 : comes with all 3 new characters and $20 worth of KI Gold.

This would put the new characters on par with how MS was charging for Shadow Jago. Sure he was $20 but at least you ALSO got KI Gold to use with it.


Honestly I expected us to actually fund something for the game, not a minority of the community.

Going forward i want to fund stages, costumes, characters, movesets, announcers, real in-game content. If they don’t plan to let us choose whether to donate or not, I don’t plan to participate in future fundraisers. They should just sell a $5 tournament fundraiser skin pack for people to buy instead of holding huge pieces of content behind a forced donation.


I agree 100%.

Dude literally said “please don’t vent your frustrations here, this is for positive brainstorming” and that’s exactly what you did.


I wasn’t “venting” I was brainstorming.

Did you miss the part in that quote where I suggested a skin pack for fundraising? Or are you trying to derail the thread?

On topic, as long as they let me donate to something tangible I’m in. Just keep the value of the donation to equal out with the cost they’re asking. Or as I said make the donation an optional cosmetic or something so players don’t feel like they’re missing out on something big like a character.

I have no problems with a community fund, as long as it is not used as prize money. Using it as prize money is the biggest waste of the community fund.

By that I mean it makes it a one and done thing. Sure it might bring players in, but how many are there just to win money, and will quit at the first chance at a game with a bigger pool.

Using it for game features benefits far more people, no matter what it is. A new character, stage, mode, or something else has a long term effect, and would benefit alot more people of all skill levels, not just a tiny group.

Not trying to derail the thread. I also saw the part where you were brainstorming, just as I saw the part where you were venting. Just saying that you literally went against what OP asked for by going off on the exact thing he was trying to avoid.

What does that have to do with brainstorming ideas for what they could do fundraisers for in the future?

That’s not venting to you? Fine, whatever. Agree to disagree. No need to discuss it further.

Honestly the only thing I want to fund is stages. Retro and homeless character stages.

If i could draw, I would make a pic of Mira pushing a shopping cart full of cans down a street in a broken down neighborhood. With a speach bubble saying “where is my home” :smile:


That would be awesome. I keep thinking what Mira and Eyedol’s stages could look like and it makes me want them that much more.

I don’t really get the push for tournaments this, tournaments that. It’s like our money is going to some person who spends most of their life playing video games, and that in a lot of cases from what I’ve seen are also really rude and mean. I really couldn’t care any less about them( tournaments) and a lot of other people here seem to feel that way as well. If I was IG and MS I would want the community fund money to help go towards content for the game. But hey that’s just me.

I understand what you mean. If you ever try talking to competitive players, most of them are dismissive people with a chip on their shoulder.

But the reason the competitive scene is important is because it gives the game legs for years to come. The competitive scene is alternative marketing for the game. Now that Esports are becoming a bigger thing, its an opportunity that the game doesn’t want to miss out on.


skins and accessories would be a good one I agree if we arnt also partially funding for somethings creation. I fully agree

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