Funniest Moments

So there’s been goofy things I’ve seen. Ranging from dialogue to events. I wanna hear you guys’ funny SL moments!
I’ll start off by saying Riptor’s inner monologues are awesome.
“Riptor make water on mimic now! [makes water]”
“Riptor best girl”

But the best thing so far? I finished a fight with Kim Wu, and the chest landed on her and bounced off of her head. It was glorious.
Edit: The bounce happened with Riptor too :joy:


To add another Riptor quote, this was against a Hisako mimic:

“You make scary face? Riptor can make scary face too! [makes scary face]”

I also tend to laugh at just how the random events can turn out. A personal favorite example is when I tried to fight TJ as Kim Wu and got KILLED. TJ, a HERO, just murdered another hero because she didn’t like his past working for UltraTech.

Or, one time, I refused to help civilians while mimics were attacking, only for Thunder (not a mimic, literally Thunder) to come in and punish my cowardice with a fight. I just love the fact that, within the universe, Thunder’s helping with Gargos’ victory from killing you for not helping people! To me, that’s just really funny.


Don’t. Remind. Me.

I even got TB’d by the b****.

Thats a thing isnt it…

Also, Tusk after being threatened by an oponent (forgot who): I’m shaking…from the cold!

I have some.

Fulgore tried helping a trapped girl in some debris, fulgore went to grab her and the girl bit him! That little punkass! That girl has jaws of steel because fulgore took 13% damage.

Same scenario but with ARIA and the girl was like “ok”. And people say ARIA is bad…■■■■■ please.


ARIA with the innuendo.

“I will not be gentle with you, shadow clone.”


When Arbiter tries to hack Fulgores:

“You open a laptop and press some buttons, but it is clear to everyone watching that you have no idea what you’re doing.”

Sounds like the new PC players :smirk:


Console master race.

mfw Im a PC player :grimacing:

I’m kind of upset that Spinal doesn’t talk more, but I’ve encountered two different gems of dialogue here.

Fulgore: “Good day. I am Fulgore Mark 03. Prepare to die.”


Kim Wu: “WOW, Mimic Maya totally needs to shave her legs.”


After what I’ve seen playing as TJ in ranked in a game I had earlier today, I reckon the player might have been new to the game - beat him anyway and double ultraed because they jumped too much. :smiley:

Apologies for derailing the topic slightly, just thought I’d throw that in there.

I’ll let you know any funny moments if I have any.

One funny but annoying quote from any random mimic “I will forever, you won’t but I will”

My funny moment is not a quote or a decision event, NO, it was one of my attempts to beat Gargos on Godlike with all of his buffs and me using nothing (no guardians, etc.), Gargos just destroyed me like 4 or 5 times and barely once (I left him with only 14% health left…) before I managed to beat him… but on that attempt… Gargos was a joke, I hope his AI can get fixed somehow because the irony of the fight is once he uses Instinct (and on the best scenario he doesn’t have the Eye of Gargos buff and have the extended Instinct buff as well) just crouching HK can help you to make him drop an ENTIRE lifebar.

Also is kinda weird but fun at the same time to use Gargos to destroy Gargos, and his quote… that blew my mind.

I noticed, Riptor makes water (quite often) on almost everyone she fights.

I think some of the artiest on here just got an idea.

OH! I just got that one[quote=“Mephiles1990, post:10, topic:14039”]
Kim Wu: “WOW, Mimic Maya totally needs to shave her legs.”

OWNED!! Man the stuff that comes out of her mouth.

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ARIA: “Fulgore, I command you, do not hold back!”
Fulgore: “Devastation Protocol, initiating…”


@Fwufikins @FengShuiEnergy

Both of you stop.



ARIA knows what the humans like.

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I’m sorry but Shadow Lords has changed me.
I now firmly believe ARIA moonlights as a dominatrix on her days off.

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This is a good belief. This is best belief. I’m a good judge of character.

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