Funimation Licenses Dragon Ball Super, Plans English Dub

Not to be that guy, but isn’t that obvious?

Still cool reassurance

I just want to know a date. They’ve already confirmed that they’ll be doing an English Dub like 3 months ago.

I hope they change Black and Hit’s voices.

I want the Buu Saga with an honest to goodness Kai dub to fill out my collection. I don’t want the entire miserable uncut Buu saga. I really liked the Kai version so much, and I wish they would finish it out in English already.

They announced buu saga kai version like years ago and they never delivered. So them announcing Super doesn’t excite me TOO much. I don’t even care about broadcast I just want the DVD or blu ray boxes lol

It’s about friggin time.

If we can get moments like this again, I’m hyped as hell for the dub[quote=“WonderRed101, post:4, topic:15987, full:true”]
I hope they change Black and Hit’s voices

It’s already confirmed that Black will have a different voice. Dunno about Hit though.

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I was gonna say what you posted was as hype as this speech, but after watching it again…eh, it’s a bit duller than I remember.

Eh. The Kai version of this scene is much better.

…yeah, it is better, but I still like the “ally to good, nightmare to you” line. It would have been nice if they kept it.

Eh. I rather have accuracy to the character than superman.

Burst Limit had the best dialogue for SSJ Goku. Just don’t mind the lip sync.

Hope they recapture that type of yelling.

Seriously you can see him trying to go super saiyan

I could watch the whole movie like that. It’d be so much fun.

I know. Just from that scene gets me hyped for super saiyan blue kaioken

Seriously. I hope he doesn’t faint like he did with SSJ3.

Fun Fact: it wasn’t ssj3 that he passed out on. It was ssj4

Since when was this? I had always heard it was from ssj3.