Fun Discussion Topic: Orchid's Fireball

If they were to bring Orchid’s fireball back do you think it would be a benefit for her in anyway or just an extra tool that she may not really need? For me I could definitely see practical applications for it in many matchups especially combined with the grenade.

Same reason why Wulf no longer has bats. She honestly doesn’t need it. Orchid’s in a pretty good place right now. Plus a rushdown character with true fireball on top of the crazy things she can do, mayyyy be a bit much.

Not to mention she would have to get nerfed hard in another area to compensate.

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Yeah, I don’t really see how she could use it.

It would be kinda weird. What applications could you see Orchid do with this LCD? Other than zoning and probably tacked on pressure from her grenade .

Given Orchid is a really solid character right now, one that doesn’t need a projectile besides the Instinct cats, what tools would you remove/adjust to add in the projectile ability?

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maybe something like sakura from SF? different range and power depending on strength, but i guess that wats her instinct for. giving her a limited projectile for a limited time to add to her kit.

Are we assuming it’s simply a regular fireball, nothing out of the ordinary in terms of startup/recovery/speed? Would the shadow fireball be normal or do something special?

The first thing that comes to mind is that it could be a problem by giving her something outside of instinct that she could use in neutral to cover herself to get a grenade out.

this thread are just about the lost projectiles. The not returning fireballs from KI classics. Thunder’s Phoenix, Orchid’s Laseken, Kim-Wu’s Kukeeten, Sabrewulf’s bats (Mira stole it)…

I think its ok to not give everyone a projectile. Some other has gained fireballs through this new version of KI like Cinder’s pyroboms, Maya’s Daggers. If Shadow Orchid still a thing, they could give her laseken back.

That was my first thought. The lockdown would be mighty.

Not sure Orchid needs Omen-esque projectile coverage. If it were to become a reality, it’d be interesting to see how else they’d overhaul her in compensation without making stepping on the toes of other designs - for example, Jago or Maya.

Nah, Orchid want’s to be in the close-medium range. It’s like Thunder previous CotS. It didn’t match with the character archetype, and was kinda meh.

Orchid has all the tools she needs. The way to improve her is by making her toolset more solid, not more complicated(And is not that she needs something currently IMO)


Lasaken along with all the other abilities is a bit much.
As said before, if shadow orchid is a thing it may not have grenades or firecat



I think a fireball plus grenade plus firecat has some potentially dangerous possibilities for degenerate gameplay. The only allowable fireball then, would likely be useless to her.


I didn’t say she needed it, this was just a fun thread to figure out how she could use it lol.

How would you think she would use it? Similar to Jago is my guess. Or just have her summon firecats at will, lol

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i can see it now, killer instinct season 4: rainbow edition