Fullscreen button on KI window titlebar (win10)

Greetings, Devs!

Here’s the thing. Almost all fullscreen applications (including games) have some hotkey to switch between Windowed & Fullscreen modes. (Alt+Enter for some, F11 for Firefox, etc.) some of the modern Win10 applications also have this UI button: image

I’d like to have that one in KI too. Thanks.

It kinda already does. When the game’s in full screen you can hover your mouse up near the top and a titlebar will appear. The only issue with it is after you switch it to windowed mode you have to either go into the options menu to switch it back to full screen…either that or close and re-open the game.

Yeah, I know. In fact, it’s exactly what I’m talking about. You can switch from fullscreen to window mode but it’s a lot more work to switch back to fullscreen. It would be nice to have a dedicated button for this like in many other modern apps.