Full Shadow stock effects seem a bit too subtle

I wish that they could make some kind of small tweak to when a shadow stock is full. It works currently, but feels too subtle. perhaps the meter could have a quick flash green (season 3 colors) once a stock is filled. Or maybe the shadow stock could have a green outline. I just feel like it is far too often when I think I have a shadow stock and that doesn’t turn out to bee the case. I have no clue how easy it would be to implement, but I like to think something like this would be a huge help.

@developers let me know if you agree


Mmh, it’s not bad idea. Not having the problem that often but it can happen some times when you think you have a shadow but you needed like 2mm more.

But tbh I would rather visual effects on the game tone down a bit to actually see what’s happening. Not fan of “fireworks ala marvel” in fighters. And I do agree bars should stand out in a way, over the visual effects that blur my vision and mess up my breakings.