Fulgore's Ultimate


I mean yeah it looks cool but isnt it just like Jagos?

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Hey hey, you see this opponent?


I can imagine his voice saying that now xD


Not the most creative but I adore it.
The hype didn’t kick in for me until I heard the beam SFX go to a higher pitch.


How nice that you are getting a color pack. :smile:

Did they say or show any of them?


Fulgore was like: Ima Fireing mah lazor BAAAHH!

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I really love how the pitch of the laser got higher when it got more intense and powerful. Really adds to the impact.


Now that’s what I called Fulgore’s ULTIMATE Devastation Beam :smiley: :grinning: Fulgore IS TRULY the ultimate cyborg overall :sunglasses:


Yes yes and more yes.


No show on them, just a basic version of OMen with some color but I dont believe its the actual versions since I dont even think they have worked on it yet.


I think if they would have added his voice clip where he says his name at the end of the ultimate it would have been the cherry on top but oh well.

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So a bigger version of the hype beam…

Guess it should be called…

#Hyper Beam?



Favorite Ultimate so far. :sunglasses:


I like it. I think I it look good. I’m a little confused by the fact that everyone seems to be flying up into the air to do their ultimate, but it looks pretty hype.


I feel like it would have been a lot cooler if he knocked them UP and then beamed them to death, like something out of Dragonball Z. Doesn’t make as much sense to beam straight down into the ground.

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Skeet shooting lol Yeah that would have been cool too but either way, it’s better than TJ let the salt flow muahaha lol.

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I think he should have thrown them into the air instead but whatever. It’s a really cool ultimate and I like it.


Even more Shocking than Thunders? :thinking:

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Dude nah, the Ultimare should be called the HYPE BEAM! since the standard move is devastation beam.


Hype Beam is still kinda boring, needs more Pizazz! How bout we call it the Baconator! Oh wait… Err… Hype Beam is alright. I wish they added his little laugh from his reveal trailer though. That would make it wicked awesome!