Fulgores ultimate discussion

since TJ’s ultimate is pretty much terrible. I thought I’d speak now or risk the same horrible fate.
so here goes.

fulgore starts ultra, screen fades and fulgore cancels into a neutral heavy kick to knock back the character. then fulgores taps his wrist and multiple fulgores de-cloak around the target. camera pans kinda like this video below from predator 2

as fulgore walks away over the shoulder cam sees fulgore tap his wrist one more time to send an order to the other fulgore units to active their devastation beams.

dang that’s sick guys :flushed:


multiple devestation beams frying a poor sap in the middle? I like it! :boom:


To add onto that, I hope they bring back the old look of the laser beam for it.

I may be completely off base, but hear me out.
#I speculate that lasers will be involved.

(Also I like the idea. Like a lot)

Yup I think the F-U beam may be the in the ultimates thing.

That’s if fulgore gets an ultimate lol

If somebody ask me 3 characters to get an ultimate before the initial annoucement, Fulgore would be one of them for sure

Well you never know lol. I fully expect kan Ra to get one but again we don’t know

Somebody put this in Fulgore’s character thread because that’s where it should go!

On that note I want Fulgore’s attack to somehow involved a nastier version of his Devastation beam, aka, the HYPE BEAM! I’d love to see something like that or at least something that makes perfect use of his plasma weaponry.

dude ken Lobb pretty much said this, ultimates were in the original 2 games and therefore should be free. just so happens KI and KI 2 have 15 characters. the same number of confirmed ultimates and ken mentioned a direct correlation with both.

with shadow jago being 16 and technically not counted as double helix made that one back in 2014

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I want Fulgore to do a bunch of teleports around while shooting fireballs and lasers. Then he launches the opponent in the air and do a Marvel Chain combo and knocks them to the ground. He does a hype beam to the opponent to the ground. Then he drops down with a J.Hp to end the ultimate.

Simple, yet effective Ultimate:

Fulgore hits his opponent and teleports. His opponent, stunned, looks for Fulgore, who appears behind him(Similar to Nash in SFV).

In the last second, his opponent notices and turns around, and in that second, Fulgore impales him(with his throw animation)

Once stabbed, Fulgore looks closely to his opponent face, who slowly looks the robot, and then Fulgore launchs him to the air.

Fulgore then uses an improved hype beam against his airborne rival, and after some seconds, he falls to the ground while burning, similar to Jago’s ultimate ending

ALTERNATIVE FINAL: Fulgore’s opponent gets hit by the Hype beam, and after 2 seconds, a bigger beam comes out from Fulgore and disintegrates his opponent, and Fulgore poses while sparks rain from above

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Or Fulgore grabs the opponent and impales him. Instead of throwing the opponent up though, he just fires at point blank range while holding the opponent.


I like your idea overall but can’t decide which ending is better lol. :pensive:

Instead of throwing them upwards, he can shoot a laser from his eyes:

But with this electricity instead from the snes and arcade versions:

I’m about to make a thread like this about glacius’s ultimate. Thanks.

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I say ending two!

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