Fulgores instinct is dead?

OK after the 3.7 and this is a general question what good is his instinct anymore other than charging? I wanted to start this topic I guess because yesterday I was playing and popped my instinct with the no meter and basically got nothing so now on top of not being able to build meter my instinct also gives me nothing or we just going continue to nefing this character into the ground because of his teleports? it’s getting out of hand.

Keep in mind in instinct you can now pip cancel for free. I’d say that’s pretty strong (not really a game changer but still)

Yeah you get free pip cancels. It basically gives you infinite pips that you don’t get to keep once instinct runs out.

Fulgore’s instinct means im mashing the hell out of my blocks because he has 15 free seconds to open me up. Cost free pips could (potentially) mean that knockdown leads to charging vs. Setups so once instinct runs out, you have a healthy supply to continue your offense with a la Aganos and chunking up.

One way of looking at it.

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Do you love fireballs? If you do then you’ll love his instinct because free pip cancels means a free 2nd and 3rd fireball you can chuck out to improve your zoning game :wink:

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I swear the reason his teleports are super hard to deal with is because they are invisible and whatever he does after, comes out with it’s first frames still almost invisible, if he had his old “electrified-shadow” animation when teleporting things would be a lot different.

I agree with this. I can pip cancel and I can STILL charge pips. Just because your spin speed isn’t set to max automatically anymore doesn’t mean too much.

The best way to remedy this one OP; Start learning to lay physical combos on your opponent, punch em’ kick em’ cyber-dash into em’ do auto-triples. Hell all your linkers, no matter the attack, all count towards it.

Get your combos working guys! You want to zone your foe, earn it.

You have to be prepared on the particular habits of a specific Fulgore. Let me explain:

If you have a fulgore that likes to teleport behind you, throw out a grab they can’t really react to that if they do so.

If you have a Fulgore who likes to teleport infront of you, be ready throw out some quick normals and what not and go into full combo. Know your opponent’s habits right away will save your virtual life.

Like my bro said, just grab him if he teleport behind you. hats how I stopped the teleports behined me.

I came here to talk about this too. Not sure what it does now. Can someone explain PIP cancelling to me???

In a nutshell it basically means you can cancel special moves into other special moves like say a fireball to a teleport. Instead of having to wait for the recovery you can do something like that almost instantaneously for the cost of a pip, instinct makes it so that this doesn’t cost pips at all.

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Thank you!