Fulgore to return in sequel?

Wonder what would be next for Fulgore if he returned next game?

It’d be nice to have him go neutral. Ultratech might think of making new cyborgs after him and Kilgore.

Either go good or anti-hero.

I think Fulgore will still be a bad-guy. He is sentient but he still serves his function.

and of course he should return, he’s like Scorpion form MK. without him it’s not KI. For that matter, I can’t see KI without him, Riptor, Glacius, Sabrewulf, Spinal, or Orchid and Jago. I think the series needs to have all those characters.

Of course Fulgore should return. It’s Killer Instinct. Fuglore is the face of KI.


They’ve certainly entertained the possibility of him going neutral in the future, if anything though I wonder what would happen if he were to cross paths with Eagle himself, seeing as how his own “humanity” so to speak is based on him.