Fulgore (Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Character DLC Concept)

Hey guys,the following information below is my concept information and moveset for Fulgore from Killer Instinct. It includes tagline, character info, moveset, and some trivia. The bulk of this information comes from KI’s move lists, character bio, and KI wiki pages.

“Fulgore C-C-Combo Breaks In!”

Introduction Tagline

“The antagonist of Killer Instinct. He is an incredibly strong zoner and incredibly well-versed in rushdown, and can switch between the two at will.”

Super Smash Blog, Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Official Site

Fulgore (フルゴレ, Fulgore) is a playable character in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. He was announced as a newcomer for the game. Fulgore will once again be voiced by Jean-Edouard Miclot, albeit with recycled voice clips.

Killer Instinct


Ultratech Industries



Full-bore (Killer Instinct)
Fulgore (Killer Instinct 2)
K.I. Feeling (Killer Instinct)
Controlling Transmission (Killer Instinct)
Oh Yeah (Killer Instinct)
Do It Now! (Killer Instinct)
Yo Check This Out! (Killer Instinct)
The Instinct (Killer Instinct)
Trailblazer (Killer Instinct)
Tooth & Claw (Killer Instinct)
Ya Ha Haa (Killer Instinct)
Rumble (Killer Instinct)
The Extreme (Killer Instinct)
Maya (Killer Instinct 2)
Sabrewulf (Killer Instinct 2)
Jago (Killer Instinct 2)
Combo (Killer Instinct 2)
Tusk (Killer Instinct 2)
Kim Wu (Killer Instinct 2)
Orchid (Killer Instinct 2)
Glacius (Killer Instinct 2)
Spinal (Killer Instinct 2)
Gargos (Killer Instinct 2)
Training (Killer Instinct 2)


Like all characters, Fulgore's jumpsquat animation takes 3 frames to complete.

Fulgore's Reactor gauge is shown next to his character HUD.

Fulgore earns meter for his Reactor gauge, which can hold a maximum of 10 pips; the first 4 pips are colored green, the next 4 are yellow, and the last 2 are red. Fulgore will never gain meter by attacking or blocking attacks. Instead, he earns meter at a set rate, which is denoted by the reactor spinner and the purple bar above the pips. The purple bar slowly grows at a constant rate, and when it hits maximum, Fulgore earns another pip and the blue bar resets. When Fulgore attacks with any normal attack and physical special attacks (Blade Dash, Plasma Slice) on hit, the entire reactor gauge will flash yellow, increasing his reactor speed and meter gain. When Fulgore is knocked down, or performs any special move that uses energy (Energy Bolt, Eye Laser), the reactor gauge will flash red, decreasing his reactor speed and slow meter gain. Fulgore also gains benefits if his meter hits certain levels. When the first 4 green pips are full, he earns a substantial buff to his forward walk speed. At 8 pips full, he earns a buff to his backwards walk speed, and when the whole meter is full, he gains faster dashes.

Ground Attacks

Neutral Attack: Quick palm strike followed by strikes with his claws.

Forward Tilt: Axis Slash. Fulgore spins forward while hitting twice with his blades extended.

Up Tilt: Swift uppercut that staggers the opponent slightly.

Down Tilt: Sweep and Destroy. Fulgore sweeps the opponent and uppercuts them into the air, used for juggling.

Dash Attack: Weaker, faster variation of Blade Dash. He dashes at the opponent and jams his plasma blade into them.

Smash Attacks

Forward Smash: Thruster Kick. A powerful side kick with strong knockback. It also moves him slightly forward.

Up Smash: Swift headbutt used for quick juggling combos at low percentage and can be canceled into Plasma Slice.

Down Smash: Gravity Strike. A downward punch that hit overhead. Can Meteor Smash foes offstage.

Aerial Attacks

Neutral Aerial: A sex kick. Does more damage when hit at startup.

Forward Aerial: Spinning mid-air kick. Strong knockback when hit at the foot.

Back Aerial: Backhands in the air with blades extended. Has excellent range.

Up Aerial: Uppercuts upwards with his plasma blades.

Down Aerial: Does a double-axe handle move with both plasma blade hands. A powerful Meteor Smash if the foe is hit near the end of the move.

Grab Attacks

Grab: Grabs the opponent with his right hand.

Pummel: Knees the opponent.

Forward Throw: Impales his opponent with his plasma blades and lunges them forward.

Back Throw: Impales his opponent with his plasma blades and tosses them behind him.

Up Throw: Tosses the opponent up in the air and does a short-burst eye laser.

Down Throw: Plants the opponent to the ground, holds them down with his foot, and fires 3 short eye lasers.

Get-Up Attacks

Floor Attack (Front): Swings his blades backward, then forward while getting up.

Floor Attack (Back): Swings his blades forward, then backward while getting up.

Floor Attack (Trip): Swipes his blades in front of him while standing up.

Edge Attack: Does a quick claw swing while climbing up.

Special Attacks

Neutral Special: Energy Bolt. Fulgore fires a projectile from his hands. Pressing B up to two more times will fire additional projectiles at the cost of 1 Reactor pip each and slows down gauge momentum.

Side Special: Blade Dash. Fulgore lunges forward with his blades aimed at his opponent's torso. Hold the button to charge the move in place. A fully-charged Blade Dash spans half of Final Destination in distance. Move also increases gauge momentum.

Up Special: Plasma Slice. Fulgore performs a rising uppercut. Can be canceled into air Eye Laser any time when off the ground. Move also increases gauge momentum.

Down Special: Eye Laser. Fulgore fires a laser beam from his visor. It is a slow, full screen chest-high laser that causes stagger. It can also be performed in the air after jumps or Plasma Slice. Move also decreases gauge momentum.

Final Smash: Devastation Beam. Fulgore flies into the air, open his chest, and charges up to the maximum to deliver a massive Devestation Beam towards the stage. The Final Smash Meter version is a thinner, less powerful beam. After use of the Final Smash, the Reactor Gauge resets.

On-screen appearance

Fulgore deactivates his stealth camo and turns towards his opponent.


Sticks his plasma blades on his left arm up in front of him.

Raises both his arms up in a victory pose.

Pulls out a skull with a bandana before putting it away. The skull could be a reference to fellow Killer Instinct fighter, Spinal.

Victory poses

Fires Devastation Beam before returning to his idle stance.

Performs a victory pose with lightning surging through his plasma blades.

Crash lands on the Result screen, deactivates his stealth camo and turns towards the camera.

So that’s my entire concept for Fulgore as a DLC Fighter for SSBU. What do you guys think and what else could be added or changed?
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