Fulgore Help: How to be a Killing Machine

This topic I started so that my fellow Fulgore players who want to imrpove their efficiency as killing machines in the online arena. This topic is also a good place for other Fulgore players to share some moves, combos or whatever they’d like to throw in. My fellow vetern Fulgore players please feel free to throw in some feedback as well to help anyone interested in adding our mighty cyborg to their roster of mains!

This is the best bit of information I’ve ever compiled.


This is some incredible set ups this video needs to be kept up for the future. Thanks for leaving this here Sullen

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Yea this is sweet thanks a bunch for the info. Very thorough.

Forgot about this great vid.
Thanks @SullenMosquito

Here is the highlight reel finally. Took a lot longer than I thought to get this done… Movie maker quality is well… kraptastic… So I hope you can enjoy what’s here. Apologize if the music is a tad loud, I had to find some music in my collection that I knew wouldn’t get flagged by stupid INgrooves… They are annoying me to no end now… My first take had music from a Monster Truck movie from the 80’s… Apparently that was copyrighted somehow by INgrooves… Guess good old San Francisco Rush (Ps1) saves the day. Had all the music lined up with everything… Saved it, didn’t want to do all that effort again so I just replaced the music. I have ways of getting better clips now though. Just need to start saving them early. I still have all the time stamps saved, I’m probably just going to redo the twitch exports and do them individually and just take the couple of really good ones. I’m really disappointed in this video…

Sweet mother of mercy! That last go was amazing! Sadira didn’t touch you ONCE! ■■■■!

@JEFFRON27 It’s the same Sadira one I posted from before, but yeah it’s my best match I’ve ever had. The quality of this video sucks so bad though… I might just resort to using game dvr and getting my replays that way and making clips with upload studio.

That’s pretty much what I use for my game clips.

I recorded them all Via twitch since using Game DVR to record 2 hours worth of replays would kinda take a long time.