Fulgore Desktop Background


It makes a Great Phone Case too. Castifey does really nice custom cases.

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Can you make Kan-Ra desktop background? Please! : D

I’ll see what I can do. Having trouble finding a good image of Kan-Ra’s in game model from the thigh up. I might be able to capture a good one in game.

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I’ve found out how to pull poses from straight from the game. So I guess I can do a Ken Ra one next. Fulgore and Cinder are my mains so I wanted to get those made

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Got it done. I had to splice 3 different images of Kan Ra to get it done.

Check over on the Kan Ra Section.

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I’ve updated the original posts with a a bit of work on the background, added a No Text variant, and both are now at 1080p

I made a Fulgore wallpaper myself. Wanted to have his old pose with his new colors so I went this route.