Fulgore Design


I agree, I would have loved that his retro was just based on his KI2 design, same as Sabrewulf, it would have been cool to have our sabertooth Wulf back.

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Fulgore was one of my top 3 mains while Riptor was what totally got me into KI at all. Fulgore grew on me alot over the years I plyed KI and Cinder came along to. Fulgore was there when Riptor got put on the bus when KI2 came. Not only that but I also did love robots as well as dinosaurs and reptillian beasts so naturally Fulgore would attract me as well.

The only reason I even bother remembering KI2 is because Fulgore was in the game. While KI2 will always be “that game without Riptor and Cinder” I did like the way Fulgore looked in that one.

When I saw Fulgore’s new design for this game I fell in love right away because it had everything that I felt was right about updating an oldschool iconic character: kept the old school concept and key aspects of the design but also updated to the style of modern details. It looks like Fulgore, it IS FULGORE as he would of likely looked like if this was the first time he ever debued in any game.

In my case you can say that about alot of the KI cast. or well, most of em’ anyway.

@FengShuiEnergy Ya mean like in pretty much all the KI games? I actually barely hear him most of the time, especially when I mostly hear the sounds of metal getting hit everytime someone starts puncing my face in.

I do agree with Leingodx on the retro it is a tad too wide at least the face is really what I feel was wrong. I get the whole car thing but that doesn’t mean they could of at least changed the face a bit. lol