Fulgore Color 10 Suggestions

Saw a thread like this in the Aganos forum, and it gave me an idea for a potential Fulgore color 10.

Back when Colors 7-9 were announced back on the Season 2 forums, I had my heart set on a “BO2 Diamond Camo” or a “Gilded Death Bot.” Basically, a solid gold Fulgore unit lined with diamonds, with his red eyes replaced by a bright Cyan color. The blades and ponytail would pulsate a vibrant golden color, and when struck by light the body would shine and twinkle majestically.

I think this would be an excellent color10 (and it may just cement me buying the Fulgore figure) so it would be awesome to see. :heart_eyes:

So, what do you dudes want to see as Fulgore’s potential color 10?


Emerald or reptillian greens would work nicely - Fulgore’s “green” color for his modern costume isn’t green, it’s yellow.

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Really? Color 5 (Xbox Fulgore) looks like a very dark green to me.

That’s on his Retro costume, though, not his modern one. The thumbnail image for color 3, 4, or 5 looks green for the normal/modern costume, but then the actual color is yellowish.

I guess I’m imagining his Tron-like Color 9, but with bright green glows, and to match one of his accessory sets.

As it been confirmed that all figures/statues will come with a Color 10?

I am talking about the modern costume. Retro Fulgore has a very vibrant green, modern Fulgore has a very dark, earthy green.
I can see where you’re coming from with it being more yellowish, but it’s still a shade of green as far as I can tell.
Funny how both the retro and modern costumes have a green color scheme with an Xbox logo inside as their Color5 though, if you ask me. I totally forgot about Classic Fulgore.

On the Ultimate Source site, on the “coming soon” figure lines (Hisako, Jago, Sabrewulf, Fulgore, and Spinal) there’s a little banner that says “includes an in exclusive in game color.” Hopefully this particular ones won’t in such limited availability as the Shago figure.

We must have two very different TVs then, or at least different settings, because while the icon looks green, his costume is definitely yellow on my screen. I’m now curious to see if anyone else can weigh in here, because I’m wondering if I’m just losing my mind.

Thanks for the info. But damn, I have some problem solving to do now…

There’s a great chance I’m going to want at least one of those colors, but have no use for a toy/figure. They’re awesome looking for sure, but I just don’t want my home looking like a kid’s room (and having cats AND little statues will just be frustrating). I still have some cool Astaroth, Ivy, Necrid, and Voldo figures, but they’re stashed in my closet because I just don’t know what to do with them.

The price for the figures doesn’t justify getting it just for the colors alone. Maybe I’ll end up doing a ‘giveaway’ or something via YouTube for the figures, so I can get the color, but give the figure to someone who really wants it.

I suppose so. I’ve had cases where something looked blue on one screen and grey on another, back before we got the flat screen. I swear at one point I had a TV that made EVERYTHING green. :confused:

I know the feeling. I had to hop into the character viewer to check to see if it was indeed what I thought it looked like.

I’d like the color of the Fulgores in Aria’s stage, the “Royal Guard Fulgore” but not bound to the action figure…I’d like to have it, that’s it.


Dude…that’s a color 9 Fulgore you can unlock that at level 50

I want ahot-rod red colored fulgore. Color 6 just isn’t red enough for me and I don’t really like the color combination all that much. Or hell at least give his claws a glowing color that isn’t snow white like color 9, just something really awesome.

Are you sure?
I have a level 50 Fulgore…color 9 was all black with White/blueish glowing parts last time I checked.
I never tried color 9 in Aria’s stage so I’m not sure if the effect would be the same, I’ll give it a try…but I doubt…

The glowing just looks to regular to me could of been a different color altogether but it’s close enough to royal ones anyhow. The only real difference I can see between that one and the royal Fulgores is just a black pony tail.

Color 9 is black with white glowing accents/blades/ponytail. The Fulgores in Arias stage have a lot of chrome. You can see a close up at 0:40 in Arias trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j7wZAypppHU

I still think color 10 should be completely different tho. Personally I’d want to see purple with green accents/blades/ponytail.

This is what I hope color 10 will be but it probably won’t. It would have the original xbox logo in the chest even though the retro already has that.


That’s what I mean, good find.

I’m with you on that, Aria’s Royla gaurds just still look to similar to color 9 to be a thing.

That looks pretty neat.


You do have that “Royal Guard Fulgore” color… it is color 1 – Go ahead and play that stage again with color 1 and you will notice as the match progresses that the silver metalic color 1 turns into it!!