FT3 salt set

sup peps this a ft3 this salty guy mssged after i was in a casual lobby. If u run into him and he rage mails u just add me to mop him lol xD


Stopped watching after I saw the Tbags, I understand now why he sent you a message.

Just be careful with Tbags and people you don’t know. I remember this guy Tbagging me with Jago because I was trying to learn Maya/Sadira, and sent me a message saying that I don’t deserve my Killer title, and I should return this game.

Picked My main Jago, and Near Perfected him.

Sent me a message later with, “Sorry…”

LOL XD :laughing:


no he sent ragemail at me when i was playing wih friends in a lobby i beat him in the ft5 and t bagged him for it so yeah

no he was the one who was t bagging me because he join my friends lobby and went 10-0 i got tired of him winning so i picked my main, he sends a message to me saying yo that wasnt even my main im disgusted u really suc ft5 me. So i go to his set and 5-0 but since he was bringing salt to my frinds lobby i t bagged

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Oh Ok. The OP didn’t have the whole story. LOL just still, be careful, you don’t want a KI bounty on your head. :slight_smile:

Yea I’ve experienced a lot of this said trash talking now that I’m trying Aganos, especially from people clearly using Combo assist with the constant mediums lol, then I switch to Jago and … well, I just tell them to keep up the practice, don’t want to discourage anyone from learning and being emphatic about the game… I think we’ll get this for a little while due to Combo assist, Free season one for Jan, & discounted Season 2, but at least I’m seeing an influx of people just getting into the game due to those three introductions… KI wins in the end

eh i dont care that guy deserved it we were having casual fun and he thought he ws going to just beat everyone without one L so i oicked my main then he challenged me so hey lol