Frosty Faustings '18

Frosty Faustings was this weekend. Too bad I couldn’t have made it up there since it is only about 40 minutes from where I live. Caught the Top 8 after it was uploaded today. Really solid play and stressful scrambles. It’s amazing how that health bar just melts away from all the corner pressure in match after match.


Thanks! Is this it? nothing for Sunday? hell i didnt even know it wzs this weekend! KI community has to get better at sharing these things WTF?

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I only knew about it through a friend of a friend competing in the MvC pools. Short tournament with KI only playing yesterday: two pools and finals.

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Many tournaments take place and most of community does not even know about them. KI community is stupidly divided. Some people are only at FB fanpage, some at discord, some at forums, some at reddit, and few of them are on more than one of these platforms.


You are right about the FB page…I cant stand that place.

Well, Amenty just won a major with Eagle of all characters! Congrats dude!


Damn Amenty…now you got me more fired up to one day beat you!

Congrats! You deserve the crown of Eagle king

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Spoilers people!!! Damn!

Got to see some matches today, it was cool =D

I’m definitely happy a local Chicagoan won. I feel bad for Nicky though. He has so much game knowledge and skill, but lately always seems to come in 2nd or 3rd. Maybe if the sets were longer he could figure out his opponents.

Always a bridesmaid; never a bride.