Frosty Fausting Pools this Saturday

Sooo… what is this?

Rooting for you and 3 other people. Let’s Gooo!

Good Luck Dude!

I’m rooting for any Sadira’s, Hisako’s, and Aganos’ that happen to be there. :grin:

And eff any Kan Ra who shows up :unamused:

Let me google that for you

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Are you a jerk to everybody that gives you $20?

Jeez dude. Yea, I can google anything, but this is a forum for people to talk with the community about stuff. If you keep acting like that, you’re just going to attract trolls and disappointment.

ok, sorry man…

That Google Search link is GODLIKE.

This is hilarious. I almost died XD

I have fond memories of FF. The Omen reveal they did last year was hype.

Good luck everyone!!

Dude… with those kind of comebacks, I’m definitely rooting for you :laughing:
I will say that TSwagg is my dark horse ( I don’t like him much, but he plays an annoying character really well, gotta respect that)

Will this be streamed? If so what channel and time?

The Xbox home page on your consoles has a HUGE advertisement for this. It takes you straight tot he Community Manager app. Inside the App has the links to the Stream and other info about the tournament and Killer Instinct.

@BigBadAndy @SadisticRage76
Wasnt sure if you knew there was a tournament to watch today.

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One year? this isnt the new FF thread? LOL WTF

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