From concept art to in-game, what went wrong?

Compare Eagle’s Ultratech amor from the concept art to what we have in the final game.
The armor is more fitting than the bulky one we have in-game. Also he blue lights fit more to Eagle’s default color.
(nearly every accessory of Eagle looks better in the concept art than in the actual game)

And then we have Fulgore’s Gladiator mask.
It looks a lot more menacing than what is in the game.

I know things like that can happen when developing a game but I don’t have to like it!
Who agrees with me that the concept art is better? And if not then explain why.

Concept art is just that… art to show a concept of how something could appear as.
But when then sculpting it into a 3D model, a lot can change.


The concept art for Eagle is nice. I can’t really say the same for Fulgore though.

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Combined with 3D computer animation too.

Why not?

Imo, his concept art isn’t all that great. I’m okay with those changes.

Eagle’s concept art design would be much more fitting for him. I rarely use the ultra tech armor since to me it just doesn’t look good on Eagle. Fulgore looks great with either mask and I’m fine with the changes that were made for him.

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While concept art is an example of getting ideas on paper (or in this likely case digital paper) it doesn’t always stick. Even when me and @JEFFRON27 work on things like monsters with a concept ,something is either added or taken away. The point is Concept art wasn’t designed to be followed 100%
and its like what @anon39655210 has said


Maybe that’s because it’s a concept art of Eagle’s default and not his Ultratech premium accessories?

At any rate, concept art is always a starting point and hardly a destination. Most artists of any industry will tell you the first draft is never the one they go with. Never fall in love with the first draft of anything, as it can and will change over time to fit a story or a purpose, and form will always follow function.

That’s a subjective opinion, one probably not shared by the team or the people consulting on his design. While it does admittedly look cool, I do like the Eagle we got just as much (except some colors). I wish we had Premier Skin options like IJ2 and more customisation options, but that’s a different discussion.

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Can we maybe get alt costumes like we got for Thunder? (His free skin that came before Shinsako) That would be really cool.

I think that skin was only a special case for Thunder. While they were interviewing the Nez Pearce for inspiration on Eagle, they also decided to give Thunder a more authentic look that ties him more to his Native American roots. I could be wrong about this so don’t quote me.

Oh, I completely understand that, it’s just that I feel that all the characters could get cool alternate skins.