Friendly achievements not working

Hey guys

I know this is old news, ive seen complaints going back as far as 2014, but i ve just recently gotten into the game and have noticed the “friendly” achievements still arent working, the exhibition fights. I got the supreme victories with jago, spinal and fulgore but not the exhibition ones.

Was there ever any fix, or mention of an upcoming fix or a workaround to get them to unlock? Also if not here is there a point of contact for killer instinct to voice this or ask for support?

I don’t mean to sound like a jerk, but are you playing with someone on your friends list? Also they have you on their friend list. If they just have you listed as a follower, then it will not unlock.

It works, I just tested it.

They aren’t 100% broken, but they are damn close to it. Looking at TrueAchievements, an achievement hunting community, you can see it pretty clear. Up until mid September, pretty much every single “Friendly” achievement was being earned multiple times, just about every single day. Ever since then, the large majority haven’t gotten a single unlock, and those that have only have a handful of unlocks in a month and a half compared to the frequent unlocks from before.

I just tried it myself on 5 different characters, with different friends (definitely friends, not just followed, some were friends since before following was even a thing). Again, definitely not 100% broken, but not even remotely close to working properly.

Bump-was trying to get friendly Eagle tonight with a buddy, not working at all.

So an update, YES i am playing with a friend on my friend list, my gfs xbox one is upstairs and mine is downstairs, i even unfirended and readded both of us and tried again. I went through all of season 1 and 2 roster getting the supreme victory chievos, but NONE of the exhibition ones popped. I have us set to friends not favourites, we are both online.

So im not sure what else it could be, i called xbox to report it but they said to contact the manufacturer of the game, i just dont know where that is, and i know its not just me as i saw other threads dating back to 2014. All other achievements seems to be popping, got orchids 80 challenges chievo, spinals skin colour, and orchids matchup so i know that they are popping for the game, just not the “friendly” one.

If you ask me they are being rather…UN-firendly XD



Looks like the latest update has now fixed this, I’ve gotten the majority of them today, and can see multiple people who’ve unlocked all of them!

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