Friday Night Fights

Hi everyone I’m trying to break in my fight stick if anyone wants to lobby up for some casual sets hit me up! It’d be really cool to get a solid group to lobby up every week, I know some on here do Sundays but we should do more online community nights.

Should be on 9 PM ET

GT: J Marius

Yo! what stick did you get?
I added you, hopefully I can hop on tonight and hit that lobby action

I’m im still free i’m down

GT: Castiel FGC

I’ll be on this evening. :slight_smile:

Mad Catz TE2 just put some shadow ago art in it last week. Looking pretty slick but still adjusting to it from the game pad.

Added back!

Added! I’ll look for you.

Added, I’ll look for you tonight!

Hopefully we can have a few sets

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