Frequent Disconnects in Online Matches on PC

I’m playing on PC and I fixed my Teredo so that it was displaying properly, but I’m still having connection issues in matches. I’m able to find matches, and sometimes play for a few seconds, then the match freezes and it says “Opponent disconnected from the lobby”. This happens in every game mode online. It’s odd because I know that every person I play isn’t quitting on me in the first few seconds. I’ve mainly seen people having issues finding matches, has anyone else had issues with this as well?

Ive had something similar happen, although it doesnt happen every match. I have a feeling it was my internet, or maybe busy times on the server. I tried playing with some friends and it would crash often. A few hours later I played a bunch of sets with some random dude and the matches were perfect. Try it again at a different time perhaps?

I’ve tried at different times under different circumstances and no luck at all. I’m thinking it might be related to crossplay, but I’m not sure

o thats good you fixed it i my tedore not even showing up in my device manger at all so i have not been able to play onlie i hope they fix it