Freeze on Emporium

I can’t buy anything on the Emporium as the game freezes whenever I chose something and press “buy”.

Do I need to spend more money and buy KPoints? I guess that’s the only way to get anything on this game, by paying.

You shouldn’t have to buy ki gold. This is definitely a glitch of some kind

Any suggestions, please?

I tried reinstalling.

I casn’t find my file to delete it.

I’m so bummed by this.

Are you playing on Windows or xb1?


Is there any way to delete files?

I’m sorry dude. Windows games is not my area of expertise. I do know there is some weird save file that you erase that will get rid of lag, check the other threads for that. I always play on my Xbox just because I like it better. Try and get ahold of customer service at Microsoft because game crashes when trying to purchase with gems is definitely not normal game functionality.

Screen goes dark after buying a guardian. :worried: