Free To Play Game Size Discrepancy

Al right so this might sound alil crazy but… are Free To Play games intentionally lying about how big they are to download ?

The PS4 Version of Fortnite claims to be 6.6GB

but the actuwl size Is… well I don’t know… but on PC is about 20 Something GB.

Samething with Warframe… the store says its 4GB

But my friend just told me the actual download size is 28GB.

Are these people intentionally lying about the size of their games…

Lets be real here… Its obvious that Broke people such as myself are curious about Free to play games and being broke means I have to be mindful of what I can or can’t download because My internet isn’t Uncapped… so my theory is they intentionally fudge the details about its size to get your foot in the door… in Fortnite’s case they don’t say how big the game is until you have Downloaded and Installed The Client and Created an Epic Games account… Then… and only then do they say: “Oh by the way The Game is 25GB… SUCKA !!!”

LoL… seriously what kinda bull ■■■■ is that ?

There is no way Warframe is 4MB. I don’t think it’s the game’s fault though. Warframe released on 2013. The game has changed massively since then so it makes sense the size increased due to updates. It’s just the size that hasn’t bene updated.

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4mbs… what is this game from the 90’s. :wink: I’m sure you mean 4GBs. :slight_smile:


Remember Floppy Disks… and when Hard Drives were just aa big as the compter case… ?

Remember that Righteous Electric Zap you get hit by everytime you touched the Power Button. :slight_smile:

Anyway I downloaded Warframe…

One tiny lil gripe: if I’m in Melee mode then The Camera doesn’t need to be That close… it would be nice if I could see my legs. :scream: