Free Stuff Friday - Limited Edition Shadow Jago Figure

Would you like to get your hands on this Limited Edition Shadow Jago figure? Of course you would, and we’d like to make that happen!

Check out the full details here (and yes, it is Twitter only):


Good luck to everyone!

I must get Shadow Jago figure!!!

Good luck to everyone who enters!

Still hate Twitter, so I have to miss out on this one.

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Done right now, keep finger crossed.

  • done *

best of luck guys~

Good luck :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Yeah same here. I’m not into twitter/facebook etc. so looks like ill just have to buy one lol

Idk why but when I first found out about these figures I thought they were going to be like 100/200 dollars, and I went to the site yesterday to find out they are only like 34.99 lol I am definitely getting Spinal and Fulgore when they release

Unfortunately, I don’t tweet.

my Twitter is now only active for these contests.
Hopefully I can win this time. I’m gonna turn the figure into a necklace like Flava Flav and his oversized clocks.