Free steam version? where can I find it?

I’m not sure if anyone can answer this, but where can I find the free version of KI on steam? also, can it run on Mac OS?

On Steam, I bet. :wink:

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If you mean the extended demo with one constant rotating character, Steam doesn’t have that. That is only for the XB1 and Windows versions. All Steam has is the whole package with all the goodies for 1 price.


KI will not run on Mac OS

well poo. Thanks for the info

I thought steam on mac was the same as steam on pc? I know a guy who is interested in KI but has a mac.

Steam is available on Mac, but the OS requirements for KI are windows only.

You may be able to partition a drive, run boot camp with windows 10, and play that way. But it won’t run in native Mac OS.

I’ve actually tried running in VMWare Fusion on Windows 10 and it won’t work, but this is likely because the system resources are running both windows and macos at the same time. I haven’t tried the boot camp option yet.

It’s also important to mention that it greatly depends on the system you have. Fortunately my mac is up to minimum requirements on the graphics card, and surpasses all the other requirements, but the game still won’t run even in the windows environment. If your system has integrated graphics, and you do somehow get it to run, it will run very poorly.

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I can second that running KI on integrated graphics will make it run extremely poorly. I remember trying to run it before I got a graphics card for my PC (GTX1050) and I was surprised that it even ran, let alone managed to get into a fight at the speed it was running at.

Once I put a graphics card in, the game ran as smoothly, if not better than it would run on consoles.

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