Framerate stutters on Xbox version

At the start of the fights there is usually a split second frame drop, and it happens randomly during the fight. Not as smooth as season 2, which was flawless.


Yeah I’ve noticed this on certain sessions but a little differently. For me at least, it starts off perfectly fine for like 10 matches then it starts to stutter randomly. I usually hard reset my xb1 and it seems to fix it.

Yeah and in the collection section where you put on accessories, the characters stutter badly when rolling out. Wasn’t this way before. Lots of tiny glitches all over the place in season 3.

Couldn’t be that you’ve session-restored KI after booting the Xbox, and it’s stuttering periodically due to what sounds like hard drive thrashing? That seems to happen on occasion to me – nothing that can’t be fixed by bumping out to the Xbox home screen, quitting KI with the menu button…er, menu, and restarting KI.

You can see it on character select screen either

Same here I moved the game to an extern hdd so which is about 5 second faster to load stuff so unless I got an ssd I’m running as fast as I possibly can to get the data through

Many framerste issues in general and also today in offline modes.

It’s difficult to predict with me. Sometimes it will run fine when there’s all sorts of business going on with particle effects and stage dynamics etc, but then in moments of relative silence it stutters really hard. Sometimes it throws off the Ultra rhythm a bit and sounds a bit weird…

Most of the time the game runs well enough, but these have started happening often enough for me to take notice.

Me too. Never had any issues but since S3 I have been experiencing a lot of frame rate stuttering.:frowning:

Ultra combo on Glacius stage is a frame drop fest