Frame issues on practice! (Xbox one)

Never had that issue before.
I was on practice as fulgore against TJ and i had a huge frame drop after a ender…i thought was a rare case, but i had again another frame drop minutes later after an ender…

What is that???

Please ig, we need that patch soon as possible, its hard to play ki with that lvl.4 ender and without mike ultraaaa scream… And now frame issues? :sob:

Do you have video of the frame drop? From your description it sounds reproduce-able by doing that LVL4 ender repeatedly. If you can grab a capture of it, post it to the Season 3 Bug Thread!

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Ok, i’ll try to reproduce!

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Mine did this once in S1 and then again recently last week. Not sure what causes it but its gone away by itself both times so meh.

Yes. I am having these issues in various offline modes in s3. Happens infrequently, but I don’t know the exact reason or situation when it occurs.

No luck guys, game is running fine…As i can see its totally random…!
Man, imagine a frame drop on EVO? Ig need to work on that!FAST!