Frame data?

The think is I played KI when I was little, at the arcades, and really didn’t know anything about this. But I had a feeling, by playing, when I was able to counter attack. But this KI is quite faster and has a lot of things I would like to know deeper.

Can anyone be so kind to explain me or give me some tips to understand frame data better? I mean, what are the things I should really take into consideration?

I usually look the final frames (to see how negative the movements are) and then I check lets say; Jago’s windkick in all his variations. After a medium windkick, for instance, I can counter attack him with a light button . But I may be losing other important data just because I’m not really into it.

You seem to be on the right track. There’s a sequence of posts in another thread, starting here (EDIT: the “here” to the left of this parenthetical is a link, but due to a somewhat poor style choice, links are a bit hard to see in these forums), which discussed which aspects of the frame data you should care about. Have a read through that and let us know if you want to know anything else.

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Thank you! that will help =)