Frame advantage in Instinct

Does anyone knows how much he has?

Only thing I managed to find was a post in TJ’s guide, “Instinct Mode: TJ gains a speed boost to all his grounded tools. All grounded moves have faster startup and less recovery, including his dashes, which make him very difficult to contain and also give him access to stylish new combos.”

Though that doesn’t answer your question, maybe someone already mined that data, or perhaps @Infilament, @DEClimax or another TJ main may provide the frame details.

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That’s a good question actually. I would love to know! :slight_smile:

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It’s a 25% boost in speed to his moves. A % of the whole move.

Basically analyze the hitstun/block stun against his recovery frames. If recovery is 8 frames and it is -2 on block, that basically means it goes to +/-0. Or if it was -1 it would be +1 and would have to be analyzed on a move to move basis. If anyone would take the time to make a chart you’d have all of your info. Which is a lot of work.

Yeah there is no change to the block stun (like with Jago), the difference is that TJ’s moves start up faster (so it also applies to neutral situations). I’m pretty sure it’s 25% as well, though I can’t verify myself.

I do know his 5 frame light attack becomes a 4 frame light attack in instinct, at the very least.

It’s like kan-ra’s curses are a 25% debufff. Which basically cancels out TJ’s instinct (curse is what 7 seconds from a throw and 4 from sand trap attacks?).

I did the math on kan-ra’s curses on twitter recently, it’s not a 25% debuff.

Here’s from twitter:

Kan-Ra’s curse looks to multiply startup by roughly 1.4x. Here are some numbers for Jago:

Jago startup (Jago cursed by Kan): 3(4), 5(7), 6(8), 7(10), 9(12), 10(14), 11(15), 19(26)

multiply startup by 1.4x and round to nearest int works for most cases (use SF counting, so include 1st active in startup)

jago f.dash 18 (23), jago neutral jump 40 (53), so looks to be a little less than 1.4x for these

Oh ok, but it basically still cancels out TJ’s instinct.

Yes, it’s a %, I’m just saying the % is closer to 40% than 25%. I wouldn’t have known if I didn’t do the testing either.

So it basically cancels out the instinct plus more from TJ then.

Heh. At least he can still combo while cursed. Hisako literally can’t combo off anything except command grab and point blank grounded counter after Kan throws her. It’s pretty bloody annoying actually :joy:

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