FP rekka...now throwable?

i dont know if i was lagging, or maybe too slow, but have any of you gotten thrown during FP rekka during ORZ? its happened to me 3 times. i use it to stop gettin thrown but hasnt worked out for some reason

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Well ORZ isn’t a true Block String so… yeah I gues you can be thrown out of it…

But its still a very tight sequence… it shouldn’t be possible for a regular throw to Stop Hisako’s Rampage.

yeah, but before i took off for a few months used to be if i made the read opponent will grab me out of ORZ i strike them with FP which was for stopping that, im just wonderin if anything changed during my hiatus after 3.9

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HP rekkas are still a tight frame trap, so no, you cannot be thrown out of them if you mash them out. If you are putting in any form of gap though (which isn’t uncommon, as a bait or sometimes unintentionally), then a fast jab or throw can make it through.


Unless you were fighting raam this usually won’t happen


thanks guys, need to speed things up then! so much rust, my old skill randomly returns then im super noob again.

this happened against jago

We should play sometime then. I can’t touch Ranked cause I keep getting reset to Gold. :confused: